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Tetra Briks - Can i have 3 a day ?

Hi All,

i am wondering if any of you know if it would be ok to have 3 Tetra Briks a day
i love them and find them easy to drink look forward to them and it seems they will make the difference if i stay on the diet or not,

I was thinking of getting 21 Tetra Briks this week
and next week 14 Tetra Briks and 7 bars

has anyone done this and found they still lose as much as with the powder shakes etc ?

i really want this to be the last diet i want to stick to it but don't want it to take longer than it has to if that makes sense,

I have no troblem drinking extra water esp at the moment i have a sore throat so it's much needed,
Thanks in advance
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Yep, you can have all tetras if you prefer! I believe they are all that Porgeous had, so yes they work :) xx
woo hoo - thank you .... i honesly think they will give me the will power i bet after 2 weeks i will be back saying i am sick of them :D:D just going to email my CDC so she has enough in stock lol


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Yep, as Sarette says, you can have all tetras :cool:

Don't forget to drink an extra 1/2 pint of water a day for each one though :)


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Do you have to drink more water with the tetras? I didnt know that, i thought it was with the bars? I drink loads anyway. I mainly have tetras, getting lazy making the shakes, and easy when out at the weekends and for working x


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Do you have to drink more water with the tetras? I didnt know that, i thought it was with the bars?
Yes you need to add it with the tetras and the bars. Some people add a little more with every porridge too as the porridge (like the tetras) have less volume
I must admit i do really love the chocolate tetras and have 1 every day... i'm not so keen on the strawb and banana tho'

I limit myself to 1 a day purely cause if i went to 2-3 of them i would almost certainly get sick of them, whereas having one a day gives me one good meal that i know i will enjoy and if i have to force the other 2 down then so be it....

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