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Tetra pack advice


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The tetra packs are all ready made and ready to drink :) The shakes need mixing but they can be done with a plastic shaker.


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I have mine hot at the mo, the chocolate one...
I have a HUGE mug, and put half the tetra in with a sweetner, then top up with boiling water and stir.. no whisking involved!
good thing is you get to do that twice with 1 tetra! I spread mine out a few hours...
What prison do you work in? I was an officer for 5 years in Winchester!


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Go for it! split in two and hot water! I like to add a sweetner as i find it quite bitter without, up to you!

Eastwood Park... thats female right???
are you an officer? I enjoyed my time at sunny Winchester, but im glad to be out of it! work part time for Probation now!


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:DYes its a womens prison - I spent nearly 3 years on the Mary Carpenter Unit which is juvenile unit working with they Yot Officer - I'm admin officer moved about 10 months ago to the education dept where I work as IAG advisor.....but was told 1month after I moved that I was being made redundant....long story but its still going on now! Have been looking for a new job ever since out of the prison am waiting to hear from one at the moment .....the prison service kind of left a bitter taste in my mouth now if you know what I mean! x

Probation sounds much more interesting and lot less stress I should imagine :D


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ooohhhh I know what you mean alright!!!
I couldnt wait to get out in the end!

How about working at connexions or somewhere like that? they deal with educationy things dont they?? or look into the probation service, its much better!
My job is weekends only supervising community service, its v well paid, theres also loads of office type jobs coming up all the time....

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