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Step 1 Sole Source Tetra shakes

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Simone123, 6 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Simone123

    Simone123 Member

    I everyone - quick question. Is there a major difference in having the tetra shakes over the ones you make yourself?
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  3. Mamaye

    Mamaye Well-Known Member

    You need to drink more water if you have a tetra (same as with the bars). I don't like the shakes but I like the tetras, different texture and taste I think x
  4. Simone123

    Simone123 Member

    Thanks for that! Will explain why I'm not loosing as quickly as I want to ?
  5. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Well-Known Member

    Personally only use the tetras if I know i'm going somewhere i can't blend a shake. I just don't like them. I normally make my shakes with about 500 mls of water minimum so I find the tetras small and I don't feel like i've "eaten" when I've had one.
  6. Clairioushilarious

    Clairioushilarious Well-Known Member

    I'm the same. What I do, though is pour the tetra into a 500ml water bottle and top up with water. Better texture than the powdered shakes and is more filling, too.
  7. RuthG

    RuthG Well-Known Member

    I just live on the chocolate tetras - I didn't know you should have more water, it still advises 2.25l on the packaging...

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