Tetras - How many a day??

Oh shoot ive worried you now Im sorry :eek:
I was sure it was one tetra a day but your prob right and it will be me wrong lol
No worries, just had to check! I am so paranoid I will do something wrong and loose nothing this week :p

I hate the packet shakes as I cannot stand anything powdery and have not managed to master making them nice yet :(
Yep as many as you like, but always worth trying the sachets every now and then. Your taste buds change - I remember not being a fan of the soups, but now think the mushroom, tomato or chilli is lovely especially in this colder weather :D
Have you tried blending them with ice and water? I find it mixes them really well but you need a pretty good blender to cope with the ice crushing.
Agree with DQ keep trying them :)
Yes, you can have 3 a day, just remember to have an extra glass of water with each one, as they are more concentrated than the packs.