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Just a few questions....

Will it make if a difference in my weight loss if i have 1 tetra per day?

And will it make any difference if say had 3 in a day?

I had 3 last week but i still lost 6pounds.
You can have 3 tetras a day if you wanted to, Morbi, and it will not affect your weight loss.

Have you tried them hot with a teaspoon of coffee yet? They are delish, especially if you just give them a quick whizz with one of those aerolatte/cappuccino whisk things!! :D
Ah that's good then, Thanks.
I feel like getting tetras more, the packets are starting to annoy me cause i have to put it in the blender each time because of the lumps. I'll try the coffee tonight thanks for the idea :)

Frozen choccy ones are better than Ben & Jerry's (well almost :rolleyes: ) :D

Does it work with bananna too?

I was trying that the other day then someone took it out of the freezer and it defrosted so never had the chance to taste
I never managed to make decent ice cream out of the banana ones - looked too much like a block of cheese to me!! :eek: But banana tetras hot are da bomb!!! :D
The banana ones are gorgeous frozen....like proper ice cream! :D
I love frozen banana tetras.....really yummy!!
Ohhhhh....now a coconut tetra would be absolutely DIVINE!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Now Loopy.....coconut tetra - yes....but RUM!!! :eek: :D :D Not that I would say no, mind you!! :D
I microwave the tetra just for a about 15-30seconds then add hot water to fill the cup

Mmm strawberry tetra would be nice