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TFR and exercise

Hi all

Is there any guidance anywhere on exercise levels and TFRs?

Are there limits to what you can do considering the low calorie intake or will ketosis provide any neccessary energy needed?

Thinking of joining a gym tomorrow and want to know if there are limits.

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I will be skinny again!!!
There isnt really, But its recommended to do toning exercises instead of cardio

Because your body is on such a limited calorie intake to much exercise could cause it to go into starvation mode (trying to hold onto as much fat as possible for it to survive as it thinks its going through some kind of trauma)

So I would go, do some exercise but not too much till the refeed process


I will be skinny again!!!
Yep Im sure it is, Walking and swimming is what I did :)


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I was wondering this too! I was planning on cycling and getting a step machine to help tone my legs and tummy. (I'd love to do swimming but it would ruin my hair colour in about a week!) I didn't even think about pushing myself into starvation as I was only going to be doing 30 of each a day.
I've been googling but can't find any specific quidance apart from the sites that say diets like LT should be accompanied by behaviour change support (cognitive behavioural therapy) and exercise.

I suppose it's a case of being sensible; the normally advised 30-40 mins of exercise that makes you breathless would be OK but spending 3 hours a day doing high intensity will probably be too much demand for the fuel we can generate even taking into account glycogenises as fuel source.


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I was advised to continue with the 40mins a day (4.5mph) that I was doing before TFR. As my body had been 'used' to it then I could continue. He advised not to start any new exercise regime (aerobics, gym etc) until week 3-4 so your body had time to settle into ketosis, and even then to take it very gently at the start so you could gauge your own limits (before collapsing I presume! LOL!)
That's great. thanks Irish Mum.

I've just been told I get my bonus at end of April and have just been up to the local hotel to see about joining their leisure centre so that ties in nicely for me starting there at the end of the month. Will start of with swimming and walking. have also found a legs, bums and tums class due to start in town on 6 May so will go for that too.


A little of everything!
Have they a 'trial' session that you can go for to see if you'd like it? The gym doesn't appeal to me at all, but I'd walk for hours, and try different classes to keep me interested. I think I'd get bored 'just' doing a gym workout? I'd rather spend the money on getting my teeth whitened (my own personal treat for getting to goal! LOL!)
My pharmacist advised not to do anything in the first week as you will be feeling pretty crap from the initial stages of ketosis. Seph I know you are day three like me. If this isnt normal activity for you then be careful. But I was told that after the first week that it was ok to excercise as long as I didnt go mad. Start off gently and work up to a level that you feel ok with.
Yeah but the personal trainer is pretty cute :p

I used to really enjoy zoning out with my music and running on the treadmill so looking forward to starting that again; loved the sense of achievement it gave me. And adore swimming; used to do it all the time so can't wait for that either.


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As long as you listen to your body, exercise is OK. I go to the gym 3 times a week and walk from work every night at a really brisk pace for about 25 mins. I seem to cope OK with that. Just take things easy to start with and build up slowly. I love my gym workout on all the weight machines, only light though, don't want to look like Arnie or anything just need to tone up. It is working though and I really enjoy going. Good luck.
I have small work outs in the week because I just dont have time for big ones. I work out 25 min on the treadmill about 3-4 times per week at a brisk pace. I have noticed that if I work out the day before WI, it affects my loss slightly. I think because muscle weighs more than fat and after a work out your mucles are contracted. I dont mind a slight decreace in loss if working out makes me feel good and fit. Exercise has more benefits than weight loss dont forget!!;)
Got my stepper today, we walk everywhere so it won't be any different except from not having to go out in the bad weather!
Surprisingly I'm feeling absolutely fine (I think weekends at cons without eating much has helped prepare!) so I'm going to start with the 30 mins as planned. Really interested to see if it helps much.
I'm really getting the urge to go swimming though! T.T

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