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TFR The first week

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by stevej09, 17 March 2011 Social URL.

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    Be Yu
    I work offshore and my weight has been gaining since I left the Army I have had tried different diets but I would put the weight back on so I though I would do a TFR I did try lighter life last year but was in the wrong frame of mind for it. So I had an extra week of pack which I will use up in my 1st week then move onto be yu my second week.

    I was shocked when I arrived offshore and weighed myself and I was 150kg I had put 5kg on in three weeks of being at home I think it was because I knew I was going to start this diet and I though well I will enjoy myself and eat what I want.
    So I started LL on

    Thursday 10th
    My first day was no problem the shakes and soup were ok. I had the benefit of being offshore and managed to stay away from the food completely.

    Friday 11th
    Went not to bad I was managing the packs ok The problem I found was that I was not drinking enough water and found it hard to track it so I have decided to down 1L @ 06:00, 12:00, 17:00 least I know I am getting what I need.

    Saturday 12th
    Today started ok managed to down the water Tested my urine and result my body is in ketosis. Went to the gym and managed a good workout mainly concreting on Cardio but some weight I felt good while in the gym but afterwards my back and joints despite this I felt really good.

    Sunday 13th
    Managing to take in water no problem I found it was good for taking away the bad breath. I was at the gym again but due to time only managed a 15min run. I feel I have more energy now at the gym than before I started the diet. Today though I am struggling to stomach the shakes I feel physically sick at the thought of them it’s a constant battle to stop myself going to the kitchen.

    Monday 14th
    Today I feel a lot better I have started using the be yu along with LL it is a lot nicer. I was feeling a bit down and ready to pack it in and go for a massive feed so I weighed myself and lost 5kg so that’s been a major boost. I am still having a battle of minds about going back to normal food. I say to myself If you stop you can eat healthy but I know that wont happen. It would last a day then I would be back to eating crap.
    Tuesday 15th
    Today was great I had loads of energy I managed a good run on the treadmill 2km in 20 mins I started to run and was shocked when I realised how well I was doing. I have loads of energy today
    Wednesday 16th
    I have lost 6kg since I started so I am chuffed Today I was sore my hips and legs maybe I pushed myself too much in the gym. I am fully on be yu now and I find I am getting hungry quicker. The beyu stuff is a lot nicer than LL it’s unbelievable the difference. I hope this will keep my body in ketosis. I am going to do it for another week and see how I get on.
    Thursday 17th
    WOW today has been a good day I am enjoying the meals and no longer dread them I was at a meeting and there were loads of cakes and cookies and I never wanted one. I am shocked at the amount of energy I have. I still think about food but it’s not a big distraction. I have even been thinking about way to eat healthier when I do start the re feed. I am just going to do this diet week by week and see how I get on.

    This was my first full week on a TFR diet and apart forms the mental battles I think it will work for me.
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