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TGIF (",)


Gotta Make A Change
Hi Ken,

Well my week has been COLD after returning from my hols! :p I can't seem to warm up!

Anyway, Friday has arrived quickly for me as I came home midweek.
My OH's father passed away 2 weeks ago and we know how much OH's mum feels lost. So, we have asked her if she wants to go out for dinner early evening ( bar for me of course!) to get her out of the house.
Hoping she will feel up to it as my OH feels obliged to be with her at home otherwise.

Tomorrow we are going to see Avatar as recommended by my brother. ( And this to take OH's mind off his sad loss).
My brother said we should see it in 3D or at the IMAX ( is that spelt right? Never been to the Imax, but bro again recommended that). Been told not to google it and spoil it for myself, so no idea what it's about. :p

No plans for sunday ~ unless we try and get OH's mum out again.

What about everyone else? xx :)
Hi Guys!
Hey LadeeBug i went watching Avatar last night in 3d and it is amazing! I did take some convincing to go though after seeing the trailer but really glad i did. Im sorry about your OH father, i hope you and all the family are taking carexx
Kenshin hope you have a lovely weekendx
Im e emailing as ive been looking forward to going to my cousins on sat night, she doesnt know im doing LL as is very opinionated regarding this type of diet, so tell her im on a 'programme' anyway she text last nite saying she had got a bottle of wine in just for me and all my favourite nibbles for a girly night in. After thanking her for all the trouble i explained i was detoxing, i was then told not to bother coming as i would ruin the atmosphere if i couldnt just have one 'measley' glass of wine!! Feel really upset at this comment today and made me feel quite low!:sigh:
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and keep up the good work, for being in control is the best feeling and nothing and no one can take that away from us :girlpower:xx
That's not very nice Bridget.

I know how you feel as I never told people at the beginning and had to detach myself from people who were putting me under pressure to join in.
It still happens now, but I try and explain I want to be healthy so am on foodpacks for now.

A lot of people don't understand ~ but well done for not giving in!

And I hope I enjoy Avatar as much as you did. Try and have a great weekend. xx :)
Oh Bridget....how mean!

It's amazing how some people react, as we too, lost some people whom we thought were good friends when I started LL - seems they only want to eat and drink as a pastime and we are so much more active now (although we've always been active for our size, if that makes sense?). It, of course, doesn't help that I am now the smallest woman in the group!! Life doesn't need to revolve around food and alcohol, and I find I have a much better time now when we got out, and no hangover the next day!

You just show her, Bridget!!


Gotta Make A Change
How did you enjoy Avatar?

TGIF take 2
week has flown by so what you have planned for today and the weekend
and to all the new starters WELCOME
Hi Ken,

I'm doing good thanks, certainly when it comes to LL, finding myself not that focussed at work which is concerning me but I think part of what is going on is that I'm used to distracting myself with food and now I'm not doing that so I think I'm ultra aware of my moods.

Tomorrow I'm catching up with a friend and as usual the weekend will be full of washing, tidying and getting organised. Have a good weekend yourself!

Hiya people
how you doing :)
so what your plans for today and the weekend
and how's the week been so far?
Have a wonderful Friday
god bless
lol I take it you live for the weekends Ken!

Miserable weather forecast for this weekend - wet & windy - so apart from walking the mutts most of it will be inside I guess - unless we head a little further north to find some snow for sledging! I took my son went to his first Ice hockey match last weekend and he wants to go again so maybe we will do that again too.
Whatever you are up to - hope you have a good weekend
*takes a deep breath*
WEEEEEEEEEEEKEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNND! TGIF indeed, Sat&Sun are the best 2 days of the week :D

This weekend I'll be heading to the cinema to see
"Invictus", "Crazies", "From Paris with Love", "Extraordinary Measures"and "Lovely Bones", playing pool with a mate, finishing off "Alien vs Predator" for the Xbox360, and putting in some serious hours at the gym trying to make up for my awful last 2 weeks :eek:

Hope everyone else has fun weekends too! :cool:


Gotta Make A Change
Yeah weekend is what i live for :) although the week aint bad either why couldn't every day be a saturday :p

Pete your watching a lot of films this weekend
ill probably watch invictus and from paris with love and probably avatar
and going to be practicing on COD MW2 as i suck lol

aint going gym today although might just do callisthenics at home while watching a movie :)
pete hows LL going for you
and everybody else hows LL going for you

p.s i hate british weather rain rain go away

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