Thai Chilli Soup!


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I used to like it with plenty tabasco sauce and black pepper. But ive given up on all the soups now apart from the veg which is my fav!


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I really like the veg........might have that tonight!


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Tai Chilli is the only soup I like! I have it with a teaspoon of marigold and a sweetner then put tabasco and black pepper on it. Strange I know. Yum Yum.
Other than that I only get chocolate shakes and a few vanilla to make latte's with. I only like the cranberry bars too. I wish I liked more of the flavours so I had more variation.


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Tabasco sauce and pepper to give it that extra kick - also I always found that the Thai Chilli made the nicest crisps.


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Yes I dont really like the Thai Chilli as a soup but it is really nice as crisps! x Havent tried vegetable yet may try that tonight- whats the Tomato like?


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The only soup I like as a soup is the veg one. I can tolerate the tomato one but prefer not to.

I put loads of tabasco in my veg soup and it's yummy. The others, I could probably put a bottle in and still hate the taste.

I do cook thai chilli packs though - I mix a thick paste and nuke for 90 seconds, or a thin paste and nuke for 120 seconds, then spoon it all together and let it cool - a little like an onion bhajji but recently I can't be bothered doing that so have just had a choc shake instead.

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TC was really the only soup I liked, but did go off it once for awhile and Veg took it's place.

You can try mixing half od one flavour with another - Have Thai Chili/Veg, or Thai CHili/Chicken, etc. Varies it a little, and all work fairly well together. :)