Thank god for minimins :)


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I all I've been using this app for ages and never realised there was a stop smoking section ( there was me trawling the net for stop smoking forums when ive got one right here on my iPad /phone !
Anyhow ..... I'm 28 and have smoked on and off since I was 14 ! In nov I found a "growth" on my Tongue and my doctor kept treating me for thrush . To cut a long story short another doc has reffered me to see an oncologist (I see him on 5/1/12 ) and this was the sticking point for me . Even though I found it in nov I decided that I was gonna stick to my original plan of quitting on 1/1/12 as I knew quitting before Xmas was like setting myself up to fail and I didn't want that to happen . So I quit on 1/1/12 and I haven't had a cig since . I used to smoke in every instance ..after tea ... Walking to school/work ...... After cleaning /before cleaning...seeing friends .... Talking to neighbours .... Doing the garden..... A quick 5 mins here and there you probably know it played a big part of my life (never smoked indoors or in the car ). I really so badly want to quit but I'm getting a odd feeling of impending doom , thinking cigarettes are NEVER gonna be part of my life no more so feel like I've lost a friend (a horrid deadly one like ) . The thing is I'm not getting cravings as such , more withdrawal symptoms. my body is craving for a chemical that my mind doesn't want so why isn't my head and body engaging with each other ? Hhhhmm . So today I've bought some invisipatch to help me with the withdrawals not with the cravings . I hope from this forum we can all help each other as I feel like this is gonna be one of the hardest things I'm ever gonna have to do .
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I've decided this year is to change my lifestyle completely... including dieting and smoking. I've been smoking for about 4/5 years and have lost family members due to smoking relating deaths (Including my dad!) so I know how bad for your health it is... I've decided to try quitting using one of those e-cigs - your not cutting out the nicotine with them "The primary stated use of the electronic cigarette is an alternative to tobacco smoking, or a smoking cessation device, as it attempts to deliver the experience of smoking without, or with greatly reduced, adverse health effects usually associated with tobacco smoke."

I've ordered mine and just got the confirmation for delivery *Excited* lol.

I've tried the nicotine replacement therapies and they've never worked for me so hopefully this will.

Good luck with quitting :)


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Hi yeah I'm also starting ww tomorrow as well . I've decided 2012 is gonna be my year ! I've also bought one of the ecigs off groupon tonight so I'll see how I get on with it , you'd think a scare would be enough to stop us from smoking but I've read stopping smoking is harder to quit then heroin !!! Ozzy osbourne tried every drug going and quitting smoking was the worst apparently ... But this defiantly won't beat me .. Not this time
Good luck :)


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I've been exactly the same regarding cravings - not had cravings for cigarettes at all, really, but my body seems to be suffering withdrawal - I wasn't a particularly heavy smoker, but since I gave up on January 1st I've been REALLY irritable, grouchy, wanting to cry etc., it's doing my head in because I keep snapping at people and it's not fair on them, I'm scared I'll be taken off to the loony bin lol! Not really sure how to combat the constant irritation I'm feeling...