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For those you don't know me, i've been on SS for almost two weeks, as i needed to lose the extra weight i had put on during my pregnancy.

I felt hungry during the first 3 days but was fine after that, but earlier this week i was craving a tuna sandwich, so much that i actually took the tin out of the cupboard...

I didn't eat anything but felt so close, and was confused as to y i was feeling so hungry this week, after such a good week last week.

I decided to go on the site, and just reading about other peoples weight loss, made me realise that its just not worth touching any food, and i can do it.

So i'm still here, 100% have not eaten anything, resisted the temptation and more determined than ever.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the other people on CD SS for helping me get through this even if your not aware.

I'm feeling great now, and because i was on my period, plus having the dreaded flu my CDC did say that it tends to make people feel abit hungry.

I know i've only been on this for nearly two weeks, but i really do believe that if everyone else can do this, so can I.

Thank you guys! :party0019:
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So i'm still here, 100% have not eaten anything, resisted the temptation and more determined than ever.

Well done!!!

Love Mini xxx


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well done love!

sue x


This is the last time!!
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Well done! Did you feel a tiny thrill at the fact that you had beaten your craving? It will be so worth it. Have you got any short term goals?
I did feel really proud of myself for not giving in and hopefully the results will show tomorrow at my weigh in

Goal 1 - To lose 5lbs this week
Goal 2 - To be under 13 stone by week 4
Goal 3 - To hit 12 stone by week 6 in time for hols

My main goal is to be 10.5 or under for my 21st!:party0049:


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well done - great demonstration of will power xx


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Well done hun, it does feel so great when you resist things. I must admit when i'm at breaking point and almost caving in i think of all the posts i have read on here about re-starting and how tough it is and just won't put myself in that position. I hear so much of people struggling to get back on after one tiny blip that for me i want my cd experience to be the first time and the last diet i ever ever do.xx

P.S. Thanks for your lovely message, gonna do a thread now.x


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i am always craving things... mostly because i taunt myself b thinking bout food the whole time... it feels great resisting but im getting fed up of thinking about it the whole time :(
im currently at 10 days and when i have done 2 weeks worth i move up a plan.. heres to hoping that getting food each day will stop the cravings :(
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Well done payphone - you must be so proud of yourself for resisting and that will give you such strength going forward and you know you can resist again if need be. I agree its not worth giving in because the restarts will just be so much more difficult. Keep going and look forward to that holidayxx


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Well Done!!!! My house mate is a twig. SIZE 6 the horrible cow lol. SO she leaves alsorts of yummies about the house. I got home today and there were marshmallows out. MMMMMM. Last week i would have folded but like you i have a new found determination and i had y soup and went to bed. We can do it girl!
Thanks again for your comments, i know this might sound abit corny, but we can all do this!
S: 15st4.0lb C: 14st10.0lb G: 11st4.0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st8lb(3.74%)
Isn't this site great? We give strength to each other, YAY! When I smell something gorgeous I'm tempted by I like to chant - FOOD IS FOR WIMPS, FOOD IS FOR WIMPS!!!! Only in my head though, lol.

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