Thanks Everyone


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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this forum! It's so motivating, inspirational and informative reading other people's experiences. And everyone is always so encouraging when I'm (or anyone else is) have a bad day. Thank you. I was feeling totally rubbish today but felt better just reading and responding to other posts. I almost called it quits today. I was so close to digging into the dinner I made for everyone but I came online and feel motivated all over again. Day 3 down....many more to go!

Good luck everyone!!!!
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Its awesome to keep you going isn't it, when you see how much other people are achieving,good luck with the rest of your days xxx


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woooooo!!! This forum is brilliant for it like!!!!!!

Glad you made it without digging into the food!

Im on Day 4 now and I think im in ketosis!! so fingers crossed you go in tomorrow aswell!!


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Thanks for your post in my thread about feeling rubbish too, that was very sweet of you to say and made me feel much more happy!


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S: 14st13lb C: 12st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 2st10lb(18.18%)
thanks cherry, shelly and stinky. it really does help me so much just coming online. it's like a distraction aswell. and you get to chat with people that are in the same boat. stinky no problem. glad i could help. :) i am super excited to be slimmer. i just looked at some mega fat pics of myself from the summer. and i was just shocked to the max. it's funny how i have this different perspective of myself when i look in the mirror, it's so different to what i actually look like in pics. i'm a lot fatter than i think..hahaha. so fatness no more! skinny minny here i come! lol i know i'm a total weirdo.


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I would never have managed first time and this time around without the forum!!!

It is a great place!!

Glad you didnt cave in, and tomorrow you will feel as proud as punch knowing you made a good choice to carry on!

Hope you have a good day tomorrow!!!!


5 stone to go!
yeah im so glad that ive been a member from day one. it also helps because as you guys no when im on my own i feel like i can cheat cos nobodys about. but i know you guys will wonder where i am if i cheat and dissapear,so i dont because i dont want to dissapoint myselfand want to be supportive and inspirational to others!! x


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i love the forum... I couldn't do this without it. so I 100% agree !