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This is a generic post to all the people who post on here, ive been on the diet two days and have been reading this site on my downtime in work and at home and its helped motivate me even more to see people who can and have suceeded.

So cheers!

A question if I may?

Firstly, I went to my first meeting on Saturday with the CDC and being a "bloke" with his "mrs" I didnt pay as much attention as I should have done, I know - dumb! :sigh:
Thus I have a question for you lovely people:

Ive started on the 810 plan, at least its a kind of 810 plan, currently I am doing the following per day:

1 x Porridge for Breakfast
1 x Soup for lunch

Meal - consisting of steamed or grilled chicken or fish and veg / salad.

1 x Shake

I know ive got my first weigh in on Saturday but just wanted to make sure I was doing what I am doing, right!

Thanks again all!
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Welcome and good luck on the diet :) Hope things are going well for you?

I am also doing the 810 plan and I have a shake for breakfast, Either a shake or tetra for lunch and usually have my meal in the evening, But on occasion have it at lunch time instead. I then have a shake in the evening.

I don`t think it matters which order you take them in, As long as you have the correct amount of shakes/soups/tetras etc a day an your meal.

This is the list of foods I have that I am allowed on 810 plan (You should have got a booklet with it in, But just incase!)

1 Protein rich food from list below -

250g plain cottage cheese (5% fat)
325g reduced fat cottage cheese (less than 2% fat)
175g chicken breast without skin/fat
175g turkey breast without skin/fat
275g White fish fillet eg: cod/haddock
260g canned tuna in water (drained)
190g fresh tuna steak
275g quorn pieces/mince
250g of prawns
2 large eggs
210g regular or 400g firm tofu

PLUS 3 tbsp of vegetables listed below

Green salad leaves such as rocket,lambs lettuce,watercress,radiccio,little gem or romaine lettuces
Celery,cucumber or red radishes
Courgettes,marrow,kale,turnip tops,broccoli,cauliflower or any cabbage (Inc pickled) & mushrooms
Chinese leafy greens, such as Pok Choi or Chinese cabbage

I often have half of protein so that I can have 2 different things just to have a bit of variety :)


LiSe Xx