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THanx 4 support - ticker updated now!!


has started again!!
Just had my WI. Ticker updated; not the best loss but certainly better than last week!

LLC concerned over my "blockages" which dont seem to be resolving easily, despite Dulcolax etc. I have been advised to use glycerin suppositories (ooo yuck:cry::(:cry:) AND once sorted to drink even more bluddy water!! Apparently she thinks I am using more water than the 4 litres a day, and my body is not functioning as well as it should. She also advised a GP visit if I cannot resolve it very soon.

I must admit to feeling pretty horrid right now, so I do hope all will be ok soon!

Thanks again for your help, guys. Must sign off now as have to bake a cake foe my sons 13th birthday tomo.....

Ooer.... makes me feel old, having a teenager in the house!:nightf:
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Hi Sez

Have you tried movicol??? You can buy it at chemist although it's not cheap or your GP can prescribe it. It's fine to use on the diet as it is not absorbed by the body and many people have used this including myself with no effect on ketosis but i guarantee if you take it right and take enough you WILL go. As i said i use this myself when i need to and as a nurse i could sell the stuff - it's fantastic.
Just make sure you add the required amount of water to the sachet and leave for 5 minutes until it is clear before drinking. You could add water flavouring to make it taste a bit better although it's not too bad. I would recommend taking one sachet every 4 hours until you go then take 1 a day for a few weeks at least to keep you going and to get your bowel back into shape.

Good luck
Christina x


has started again!!
Thanks for advice all!

My LLC was really worried about me this week, and said really firmly that it HAD to be sorted immediately or I had to visit my GP!! (I am almost GP phobic, totally terrified of any doctor, so that was enough to make me do something.)

There is a lovely lady in my group who is nurse and she whispered in my ear, as had my llc,about glycerine suppositories. I balked at these, the thought was gross, but I plucked up courage and gave it a go.

I was amazed that they worked literally in minutes, and now I feel totally fine again! I now have to chug even more water to prevent a re-run, as my LLc says 4 litres is obviously not enough for my body to run efficiently...:( Not too chuffed about this, as working in a classroom its not always easy, but I will do my best !!

Thanks again, and sorry if too much info!!


Silver Member
Glad you're all sorted, I've never tried those but will keep them in mind. I bought movicol today after hearing about them on here, not tried it yet but am hoping that they're good stuff.


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