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***that friday feeling friday - hour by hour***

Morning all and hope its a good one with you? The sun is shining here in Wales and the world is good!!:D
The scales were playing tricks with me this morning lol got on and it came up as 11.13 and 3 quarters and then went to 12:cry: Oh well something to look forward to tomorrow.xxx
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A pound at a time
Good morning. My scales seem to be frozen. I weigh exactly the same to day as yesterday with no cheats either. Maybe not enough water yesterday. That's ok. Will fix that today. Got a half liter in front of me now.


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Morning! Bit cooler here in west london, but a nice break from the heat, still should warm up next week!
Hope everyone's doing well, feeling positive today! My scales were kinda stuck from monday but started drinking a lot more water and seem to be on the move now, so guys up that water! :wavey:
Morning all,

The nice weather hasnt reached south wales yet!! Must be moving down from the North.

I am just off to my youngest sports day, so hopefully the rain will stay off.
I am going to continue with my water intake today in readiness for my my WI on monday...

Hopefully have another good day..

Hope you all stay well and on track



Going for Goal!
Got my wi at 4.30 today :) Sooooo excited. I'll be reporting back later!

Have a great day everyone!

Hugs x x x


My scales are either my new best friend or really hate me. They've been good to me up til now, so trusting them this morning with a weigh in of ...

11st 5lbs.

Official weigh in is tomorrow, but fingers crossed all goes well then.

Just about to jump in car - I LOVE SAYING THAT -, head to WW (long story will bore you another time, but no I'm not doing WW, I'm a CD gal through and through) and drive up to mums.

Probs won't be on for rest of the day so guys, enjoy that Friday feeling!
Morning all,
everyone seems in a positive vib today. hope this keeps up through the weekend. GREAT NEWS LEXIE. enjoy the car ride.!!

good luck to everyone with WI today. my scales are showing a downward movement so cant complain.

Have an interview in an hour (dont know if i want the job though, just one of those jobs I applied for in a recession panic)

Have a great day all!!! May be back later
Well my scales are showing a loss of 3lb in the last 2 days, don't start officially till tomorrow so hoping my CDC's scales match!!!


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Morning all!

CDC scales yesterday 13.7
My scales today- 13.10

havent been weighing myself this week so think its the difference in our scales rather than having gained 3lbs overnight!but TOTM due next week so could always be water retention. Think I might not update ticker until official WI on 8th July but will probably keep a sneaky eye on scales at home! But then again it was kinda exciting having not looked at my own scales all week to find out weight at WI yesterday!

DS has had a big morning nap letting mummy shower, do hair, put make up on, have a nice big mug (which I bought yesterday) of mint tea and a cranberry bar-very thoughtful of him! hear him stirring now so better go!

Away to visit a friend this afternoon, havent seen her for ages so looking forward to it.

Hope you all have great and 100% days.
Lots of positive vibes on here today ive also lost 3lbs since Mon so all is good think you need to just listen to CDC scales Angela mine are always 3lbs different to theirs but I do weigh myself with nothing on and before I eat or drink anything lol xxx
So, i bought a pair of 14 jeans, the smaller looking ones, and they fit!! A little tight but can do them up. Im soooooo happy, another 7 lbs and they should be ok...i have never been on any other diet that gives such quick results. Cd is great!!! BUT, feeling REALLY hungry these past 3 days and struggling hard to keep on track. Must be totm, Im always hungry a few days before.


Just back from few hours at pub with friends.

1 sparkling water
2 still waters
1 piece sugar free gum

Shattered - away to my bed.
Goodnight all. Lexie well done for your resisting at the pub and hang in there Denise the hunger will pass and your doing brilliant dont it feel good to be a 14 yey!!!!!!!!xxx


Honestly wasn't a bother. WI tomorrow morning - not ruining that for a night at the pub!

Night all - away to bed. Really dead on feet. Think must be repeatin g myself.

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