That magic stuff called sunshine orange


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Why didnt I discover it sooner,
Made up 2ltrs with one teaspoon yesterday (half the dosage) and managed to polish of the lot in a few hours instead of it taking me all day,
Fantastic stuff

great for those sweet cravings too
Glad you like it!

It's really nice in a vanilla shake too! :)
Its lovely, both of the flavourings are !
Very nice if you add hot water too- like a sweet hot drink.
Oh and you can make ice lollies too !! mmmmm
never thought of that,

what a mine of info you lot are
Would not have survied without them.
Hot,cold,jelly, shakes.mmmmmmmmmm
Berry in choc shake yummmmm
Orange or berry in vanilla.
Makes drinking the water so much nicer.