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That new WW ad


Eloquent hooligan
...anyone else seen it ?

"I know that soups & shakes wouldn't work for me..."

Sounds like they are feeling threatened by VLCDs.. ;)

I know that LT / CD etc are not for everyone but it smacks of negative campaigning to me...

I know conversely I could not do WW as it takes too long to get results & I can't sing the praises of LT too highly..
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I stuck rigedly to WW for 3 weeks and lost 5lbs. Hence me not doing it anymore. Although I have thought about following a WW plan when I reach goal to maintain my weight. Says it all lol
I don't know anything about your diet but I think the same about ww and low carb. I joined ww a few months ago and just had NO sucess. I told the leader i'd previously done a low carb diet and got results but obviously didn't change my habits hence putting it on again ANYWAY, she started really slating low carb diets saying ww don't advocate them etc. SO after 9 WEEKS and a loss of 4lbs (what I could do in a week low carb) I decided to do low carb but stick to what was on the core list and I lost 7lbs...I said to her I'd done low carb and she started slating it again...so they've got core...which can be low carb if adapted but won't accept that?!

sorry little rant there ;)
I think its bloody irritating and even though there is a WW nearer to me than a SW club i have out of protest for all my fellow LT's gone and joined SW lol

nah not really i think WW is harder than SW and basically soups and shakes arnt for me means ... i want to say im using points ive saved all week so i can eat this cream cake;)

Its each to their own and what works for one person doesnt work for others I totally have respect for Low Carber's LT's LL's and CD's i used to say to people when i was on LT yeah but your doing it the hard way its easy for me.. thinking about it how hard was not eating! erm solid!!
Yep, I noticed that.... I lost 5 stone with WW years ago but it took 1.5 years to do that, I've lost 3 stone since June with a vlcd so I guess it's whatever suits. They must be threatened by it, even hubby mentioned to me, blimey they've noticed you've left because I've always been die hard WW until now.
Totally agree with all of you. I've seen the advert and that was my first thought too.

Very true that the problem with WW is it doesn't change your habits.
I lost a stone and half on weight watchers when I was far too young and clueless by basically starving myself and pretending I was using the points I'd saved (usually 8-10 a day) on the weekend, which actually wasn't the case. I then binged the second I'd lost the weight and put on 3 stone.

I've been back since and had the same experience as you all, it just doesn't get you out of bad habits. I was looking at my points sheets the other day and just thought who was I kidding?? A scotch egg here, a chocolate bar there and never really any good decisions. I've never been able to loose more than 7lbs.
I agree with you all but I have done both sides of the coin. I lost 2 stone with ww for my wedding and felt brill on the day (7 years ago) but after years of comfort eating and a 2 year old I just needed something quicker than ww and LT was for me. Had been on ww for 14 weeks and lost 9 pound; always going one step forward and one back and it doesn't change your eating habits. LT is fab if used the right way and every-one to their own, is what I say. Different diets work for different people. When I did ww my sister did SW and each one worked for us.
They must be threatened by it
Yep, that was my first thought too ;)

When such a well-known and well-respected company like WW tries to 'diss' VLCDs (albeit obliquely) you know that they must work or else they wouldn't go to the effort of attempting to dissuade people from using them as opposed to losing weight by more 'conventional' methods.

Advertising eh? Gotta love it! :D
I also cottoned onto that tv ad and pointed it out to OH. I'm with you on this one Howdie. I have done WW and SW many times and never had the results I have got from LT.
Very true that the problem with WW is it doesn't change your habits.

I've been back since and had the same experience as you all, it just doesn't get you out of bad habits..
I have to totally disagree with both your points there. I can honestly say hand on heart that my habits have totally changed since I started WW - changed 100% and Ive given up almost all my bad habits (well the food ones ;) )

I dont think the ad means they feel threatened, its just one opinion isnt it. Sums me up perfectly, shakes and bars arent for me either, that doesnt mean Im against VLCDs far from it, its just a different option.

I do have to admit I think though its time WW either got rid of or shot the person who does their ads, as a rule theyre apppaling!!!
For me diets are a tool! and as with any job you choose the tool that is right for you.

So VLCD worked for me but then again it doesn't for others and hence all that matters is that you are reducing your weight and hence health risks in whatever form you choose to do it by.

I never put down any diet (even though I am a cambridge advocate) as long as that diet is healthy and safe as ultimately any tool that makes people live longer gets a thumbs up from me!

Perhaps LT should do an advert something like ....

"I know that counting points just wouldn't work for me......"

As I have said before each to their own what ever works for you.
I completely agree with Mike and Starlight - it's horses for courses and as long as someone's chosen diet works and is healthy that's all that matters.

I also think WW should sack their Ad Agency too. That ad is just pants! *lol*
@ Mike - checked out your website - v inspiring posts on there mate :)


Peace Love Happiness
I have to agree I never got on with WW - even the name 'Weight Watchers' 'Fat Watchers' ? hmm The only person I know who has had, allbeit very slow success with WW knows the calories of everything and the nutrional value of nothing, she still eats rubbish everyday and so do her children who are now at 10&12 starting to look fat too.