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that time changes+massive gain??

I am sure there are loads of woman who have already asked this, but I couldn't find a thread from Exante. I have done a VLCD before and never had this! My period is very early, extremely heavy 'flow'...not too much detail, but enough that I am changing things twice as often as normal and a gain of 8 pounds in 3 days?!
The weight gain I suppose could be fluid, but I have never had an issue with it before, the really heavy part though I am a bit concerned about as well as being over a week early:confused:...Does the whole cycle change for a lot of people, dates and 'flow' too, not to mention cramps which I haven't had since teenage-hood, many years since? And the weight gain so suddenly, I am back almost where I started 2 weeks ago! :eek:rather depressing to have it all at once lol :sigh:
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Everytime I start a vlcd (it's been a few times!) I get a period on about the 2nd or 3rd day and it is always way heavier than normal and I feel like I'm dying!!
This time I got my period in the first week and it lasted 8 days and I didn't lose any weight at all.
My period started on day 8 of starting exante TS and it's been around for 7 days now! (today is day 7 of it). It was very heavy for the first few days and the first 2 days I had mega bad cramps which I haven't had in years. I don't really know 100% if only 1 week of a VLCD could upset it that quickly, maybe it was just a coincidence. But even though my period started I still managed to lose weight in my 1st and 2nd week which I was a little shocked about because when I have done other diets before my time of the month normally made the scales go up.
I have time of the month too. It's so painful this time and very heavy. My 2nd weigh in is Monday. I doubt I lost anything. I feel to bloated. Hope it settles for us soon.

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