That's it......


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Thanks girls, you're both doing really well. x


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Well done. There is light at the end of the tunnel. lol x


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Yes there is and you will soon be there believe me.


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very well done hun!


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well done on reaching your target, that's so good to hear, not far off myself and it seems to be a slow last lap!!


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Well done cuddly.....and for sticking to it for so long. I was going to stop this weekend as I was getting tired of it, and only lost 2lbs this week. Just reading your post, inspired me again to continue for a few more weeks instead so hopefully I will be closer to my goal before I stop. Good luck with maintenance!!


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:wow: what an achievement.. you should be proud of yourself :) really inspiring xxxxxx


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wow thats fantastic! congratulations!!!
hope you feel proud of yourself!


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Hey there, we want b&a pics!! Nothing like 'em to keep us on track. Well done you!

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Congratulations!! now the hard work begins...... trying to maintain your lovely new shape. Good Luck xx


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Hi glad I've spurd some of you on, just like others did for me on my journey. I will get after photos done this week then hopefully find a way to transfer them on to Mini Mins - not too clever with the technical side of things lol.


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Ooooh! I'm so envious you have got to target never mind below it! Very well done to you. It must be such a fabbie feeling.