Thats me done until after xmas:(


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Tried my hardest not to waiver with the Xmas season upon us but have given in yet again! I am not overly concerned about this as I know I will be back on it on the 2nd of January. It would have been hard for me too be 100 % dukan as we have parties and family dinners to attend oh and a few nites out! Lol but merry Xmas everyone hope u all get what u want from Santa!!:) xx

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No matter what, carry on!
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Merry Christmas to you.
I know it is hard to be on a strict diet when parties and family dinners etc but you'll be back on it on the 2nd of January!
That is good!
Have a great time!


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I'm off too til after Christmas I could probably eat dukan but I know I won't enjoy myself without a drink! Done the food shop yesterday an bought loads of nice things that I haven't eaten in months, can't wait for a little break! Hope u all have a good one, hopefully the damage won't be too bad and I know I'll be able to start afresh after Christmas, I've been slipping up quite a bit the last few weeks so I think a break is well needed


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I understand how hard it can be around Christmas to stick to the diet, I am kind of lucky this year as I am off on maternity leave so have avoided all work parties and general socialising so am sticking to Dukan until Christmas day and then having a 3 day break as we are away with family but then back on it from the 28th Dec. Enjoy your treats over Christmas and see you in the new year.


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I'm contemplating having some days off now till boxing day been giving in too to all the temptations plus it's my TOTM so
The 2 things together are really not helping :(:(

Still I know if I have 2 good pp days till Xmas day then the gain won't be as much as I seriously feel like eating my body weight in chocolate and cake x what to do arghhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!