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The 100% Thread!!!!!

Girls, some of us are waning a bit at the moment (me big time!) - how about we have this thread were we can register our name if we have had a fantastic day and have followed all the rules. (including drinking all the water!)

I just think it may encourage us to think twice about eating something not on the allowed list.

I know writing things on my diary on here do help me from being a total pig cos I know I have to be honest.

Confession time - cant be 100% good today cos out for tea with friends. But plan to be tomo.

Lets see how many pages we can get this thread with all the hard work we are doing!

Good luck x
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Good idea =] i will definatly keep uptodate on this one!
I'm going going to stick to it 100% today as I have my first weigh in tomorrow morning. I did weigh myself this morning and am only 4lbs down... but i'm still happy with that.

For the first time I've had my meal at lunchtime instead of evening, I couldnt resist having a little salad so will be having my second shake for tea tonight. I have only had a pint of water so far today so am going to be glugging my way through the rest of my 2 litre bottle this afternoon.

It's my boyfriends brother's birthday tomorrow so we are all going out for an Indian :( ... so I won't be able to come back to this thread to report a good day tomorrow :wave_cry:

Michelle x
you can have an indian...just avoid the rice and naan bread

or just avoid the naan bread and have a little bit of rice

you can enjoy yourself but just be sensible =)
Yeah in an indian have tandorri chicken or chicken tikka. Mind you, we have to live so if it was me I would have full works and just be really good from then on in. I am thinking that I may give myself a night off a week so I can have what I fancy.

4lbs is excellent, but if you are 100% today, you may get an even better loss today. Just glug that water - easier said than done I know. Well done for 100% today and enjoy your indian tomo.

Imgoingtobeslimagain, u seem really motivated at the moment, its rubbed off on me a bit - I was throwing the towel in first thing this morning! Thanks! x
Thanks for the advice kels n dizzy :)

I'm not really keen on indian food, I haven't tried many different things and usually stick to a biryiani. I think I will eat a bit of rice n bread but will keep it to a minimum and be extra extra good for the rest of the week. I've told my fella im on a carb free diet (just not that i'm on CS) but his family are big eaters and I cant be doing with having to explain it to them.
you fit into the gang totally..quite a few of us on here havent mentioned the CS bits to our OH's...just the low carb/carb free part!!!

were a naughty bunch ;)
Having a bad day today. H2B came home for his lunch and brought 2 Cadbury Creme Eggs (1 for me). I tried the "I'll eat it after dinner or at the weekend". But there was none of that. So I've gone and eaten it.....am so angry at myself. But I am drawing a line under it and not breaking it AGAIN. :mad::mad::copon:I mean the shakes are all yummy yummy (don't feel like I am dieting) if that makes sense. Am not to gone on the vanilla one though!

Love this thread by the way - will keep me in check. :talk017:
its one slip up, you seemed determined to move past it so just get back on track :D
Lady Vegas
Put your creme egg into persective, its a little egg!!!! Its not like you went out on a major pig out, then gave up the diet and put on a stone!!

Then you would feel crap, but a creme egg is a tiny blip in the whole scheme of things, so draw a line, get drinking that water and go for it!

None of us are super human and most of us will have little blips along the way, but should get straight back on the horse - we are all going in the right direction.

Just have a couple of extra good days to make up for it.

Dizzy x
just had my final meal, and i have already drank 2 litres of water!

im going camping tomorrow and ill be doing lots of walking so yeay i have had a 100% day:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Having a good day today. Got up at 8.45am and had my shake at 9.30am and went for a 60 min walk. Had my snack of an apple at 1pm. Going to have my 2nd shake at 3pm and then dinner is going to be an omelette and some sausages. Have had 2lts of water so far today. So happy days!!
iv done well today..amek it a day number 2...

and btw you keeping getting my name wrong lol
Sorry Kels!!!!

Wednesday 1st April 2009 - 100%ers!


Thursday 2nd April 2009 - 100%ers!

Lady Vegas

Come on lets get this list bigger! (me included!) x
This is a good motivational tool

Yesterday 18th April 2009 I had a 100% day...did anybody else???
I had a naughty weekend. I got very stressed trying to lay laminate flooring and so had a take-away

back on the band wagon again today:rolleyes:
Come on - who has had a great day today????!! Lets get this roll call going!

I have but I could eat a scabby cat and my head is banging (oh! how motivational do I sound!) x

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