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The 1000lb Challenge


Gotta Make A Change
this is a challenge for everyone, everyone can be part of it, i want us hitting that 1000lb lost mark!!! we can do it, we can support each other, what ever your goal lets do this :) we can help each other as a team to lose lbs and lose more lbs and lose the last few lbs, so people hop on board and lets do the 1000lb challenge YEE HAH
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Yay sounds good can I join? Oh go on I'll be good honest lol xxx :)


Full Member
I'm up for it :) count me in. This type of support is invaluable.

I'll be good too :p


Silver Member
Yay I'm in I'm in 1000lb see ya!!!


Determined to succeed!
I'm in too - although not sure how this works - do we just put our losses in here then add up to the previous person? :) Will have to make sure people aren't posting simultaneously - am I over thinking this? Hahahahaha! xx

Blue Butterfly

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@spottydoris....that's how I figured this works too, when we weigh in we post our loss here and whatever the total weight loss for everyone is so far we just add our loss to the running total.


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Lost 7lbs at todays weigh in so guess thats 993 to go. Not sure how u want to lay it out.

993 to go ?


Gotta Make A Change
basically whoever has a WI just adds there total, to the previous person :) easy and the milestone is 1000lbs :) okay 993 now :)


I can do this..
Im In

Im in as well, just started back today so won't have my first weigh in until next Thursday.


WILL do it!
im well up for this!! im a potential exante newbie lol hoping to order my first month's supplies next week :D


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I'm in! restarted yesterday so will record my loss on Wednesday x


Determined to succeed!
Just to be difficult - could we instead do a running total rather than a countdown? It would be good to look and see how much we have lost, rather than how much we have left to lose - much more positive and motivating to see the results :)

If that is the case - so far we have lost:


... 991 to go!




Gotta Make A Change
yeah running total is fine with me Spottydoris


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I am in too, I am becomming a challenge junkie, thats 3 I have joined!! Lets smash 1000lbs!! My first weigh in is friday so will update then!