The 1st day of the rest of my life. CD Tomorrow!


I ate my willpower!
Hello All

I am starting CD tomorrow and I am so excited! I have been on every other diet you can possibly imagine and am fed up and disheartened by every 1/2lb loss each week only to put on a lb the following week without changing a thing! I know that going into ketosis works and I have done atkins- great except I could not face eating anymore meat after the 1st month!

I will be posting on here everyday with some pics which I will update every 4 weeks. I wish eveyone who is starting CD all the luck in the world.
Hi Sarah,
I tried Atkins as well, and stopped because of the meat thing.
I look forward to reading your posts.
Hi Sarah
Well done you an deciding to do CD.It a great diet that does work.All you have to do is have your packs and at least 2.5lts water.more if poss.also black tea or coffee if you want it.and the weight will just drop off,
Good luck babe,looking forward to reading your posts and remember some one is always here if you need us.
Good luck Sarah....

We'll all be here for the tougher times to help support you.. and help you out with any questions you might have. Good luck with starting the diet... I know I was filled with a mix of apprehension and excitiemnt when I began CD.

I was scared the first few dyays were gonna be hell. But thankfully they went by ok! Three weeks later... things are still going strong!

Stick with it!!! Hope you enjoy the journey!


Hiya SA,

Well done on deciding to start, its a fantastic diet, and I have also tried a million and one others!!!!!

Im very passionate about CD, and Im sure you will be too, deciding to start is a very positive step in the right direction x
Hi Sarah and Welcome!

If you stick to the plan and drink your water you certainly won't be disappointed in the results!!

Looking forward to getting to know you and hear all about your losses! Can't wait to see progress pics! I love to see photos!!!

Good Luck!!!

Hi Sarah,

I started CD today. So far so good. I have lost count how many times I needed a wee - the downside to all the water that is recommended...ha...ha... Hope your first day goes OK - will keep an eye on how you are doing.
Best of luck SArah - I'm on day 10 today and at my weigh in 3 days ago lost 10lbs! The first week was easy and hard at the same time. First 3 days can hurt (my head was pounding) but after that the headaches go and it becomes a psychological battle. You can do it!
Gemma x
Thanks for all your support!

Hi All

1st morning is filled with nerves and excitement at the same time. I have had my 1st shake and it tasted fine. I think I need a new blender though as it seemed to take ages to mix. Mine is rather old and I know a lot of you like the Kenwood Frothie Maker so I think I am going to buy one.

I have also drunk my 1st litre of water on top of the shake and I need the loo constantly. I am sure this will settle down though.

My hubbie took some pics of me this morning and I will post these with some new ones once I have been on the diet for 4 weeks. They were truly terrible and I really didn't think I looked that bad until the pics. I have been in denial so long now. Still - enough about the crap stuff, I am on this new journey and I know I will be where I want to be at the end.

Speak to you all later and good luck to everyone!
Hey Sarah glade all is ok, it was my 1st day yesterday and i found everything fine except the weeing every ten minutes! I drunk 4 litres of water during the day. I didnt wanna drink after 6pm cos i didnt wanna be up and down all night.
The shakes are nice aent they and the soup. My fav so far is the toffee and walnut one. I had the mint choc one and wasnt very impressed to be honest.
I bought a kenwood frothie maker its fab. The good thing is the others in my family love using it too. My mum loves making her cappachino or horlicks with it. I'd recommend getting one. Good luck you'll be fine. I havent suffered and i havent had a pack yet today im just not hungry.
I am really thinking about taking pic's too. It would be great to look back on in a few yrs wouldnt it.
Starting to feel hungry!

Hi Everyone

Laura - I had the mint choc this morning and it was ok - not great though. I am going to have a vanilla for lunch. I have drunk 1.5 litres so far and have been into town. When in town, I usually pick up something to eat for when I get home - so I think I am more mind hungry than body hungry. I will slug some more water and that should ease it a bit.

I am used to being up and down during the night! My youngest is 6 months old and she had me up no less than 7 times last night! Just as I got to sleep my 5 year old got up to complain about the cat. I was amused to say the least.

I am also hoping that this diet will get rid of my chronic heartburn. I have had it since falling preganant with my youngest. I know deep down it's the diet coke that does it so I am not drinking that rubbish anymore. Just water for me.

Little one is shouting now so I will be off. Speak to you all later.

Bye for now.