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The 3 day hump


Here we go.

Day 1 and 2 of 100% SS and I was fine. Its only 12 weeks. 12 weeks and I should be 3 stone lighter, and at goal. If it takes a few weeks beyond that then fine. No problem. Looking forward to the maintenance programs. Will be summer and I'll be lovely and slim.

So why is when you get to day 3 this happens

"WHY AM I DOING THIS??!?" Am I mental?

What on earth has possessed me to do this again?

I'm not about to give up or anything, but its just a crashing wave of "wtf am I doing?"

Anybody else get this?
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I know what you mean when I was at the beginning I did feel a bit like that and to be honest I was a bit jealous of people that were so far gone!!! But Im on my 8th week now lost 2 stone 2 pounds already.. and Im just loving it and want to lose more and more..

So keep going and stay motivated and you will be right where you want to be before you know it.. as you say the beginning part is only 3 months which goes so quickly ..

Good luck x


likes posting.
I think the first week is always hard but when you see the results its worth it.Just keep thinking summer & all those lovely clothes that will look great.
I know exactly how you feel, I tend to think that when my colleagues sit in front of me eating bacon sandwiches!

I've just made it through the first week and lost 11lbs, and it has spurred me on so much to just deal with it for the sake of getting down to my goal weight...

Good luck hun x


Sitting now with a lovely black coffee, some coconut flavour and a sweetner. Lush.


Gold Member
i know this feeling inside and out!! am coming back to cd from sw and ww due to finances running out but i'm running out of time to my wedding so it must be done!! so next wednesday i'm sure i'll be tearing my hair out, ha. but it's all worth it :)

abz xx
Lexie......coconut flavour? xx


Lexie......coconut flavour? xx
Yes, cake flavouring you know like vanilla extract etc, which I think we are technically not allowed but every now and then I like to walk on the wild side.

I put a wee 1/4 teaspoon in a cup of coffee today.

Think it would be nice with a choc shake, would taste like a bounty.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......that does sound nice as it goes...... xx

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