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The 7-week itch!


try, try & try some more!
Well i'm a day from week 7, thought it sounded better! lol

I have had a few down days feeling a bit cravy... to be honest i feel like a mug coz i have been feeling fine about it til now (dare i say was thinking it was easy...) *scoff*

I haven't cheated yet but i go to tesco maybe once a week to stock up on chewing gum, water etc and found myself loitering around the rottiserie... about to buy a chicken leg!!! WHAT!! :eek:

Anyone else get like this?

I feel premenstrual but am wondering if i need a little more iron (was anaemic last year) as no TOTM...

NB. Anyone in Tescos seeing a gal being carried out by security men... thats me, sobbing!! I do like to just sniff the bakery... for a while.. a bit too long really... :rolleyes:
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hunny you're very restrained i think i get a 7minute itch every 7minutes except for sleeping lolol
Hi Rade

I would find I had odd days like this, coasting along merrily merrily finding things easy and then wham all of a sudden everything was tempting and smelt wonderful and I would plummet into despair thinking I am going to crack. Thankfully it never lasted too long and hopefully it won't for you either. Dig deep hun, you will come out the other side of this.

Hi Rade,
((stands up))
My name is Sarah and I'm a sniffer

Phew, feels better now it's out in the open. I sniff a freshly cut loaf and I had a lovely time nearly inhaling my fingers when my son had a piece of doughnut ooh heaven.

I suppose in the long run should you cave in to the chicken it's on the aamw list it's not a box of chocs or large bloomer xx


try, try & try some more!
love it guys!!! espesh the sniffer bit - dutch!!

the diet can defo have peaks and troughs huh!! I'm needing my weigh-in tomorrow to get me back in the head game!! :D

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