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Consolidation The Aftermath of Holidays


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I like to look ahead, and so am already thinking about our hols later this year.

Since we tend to stay in places in the middle of nowhere, one of which has all meals provided (even a picnic lunch to take with you whilst hiking), whilst I do intend to try my best to eat sensibly, it may not quite work out that way.

On Conso (or even Stab), what would be the best way of recovering if (when!) I put on weight over our fortnight's holiday? Is it advisable to go back to a few days of Attack or switch to Cruise for a while, or would that be harmful to weight regulation in future?

Any suggestions or advice, please?
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If going on holiday in Cruise, there is a "Holiday Conso" plan he recommends sticking to the Conso rules but having a second fruit. It is obviously a lot more strict than most of us would normally be on holiday... but freer than Cruise.

On Conso, you hopefully wouldn't put on weight if you stuck to Conso!

It's funny that this question should come up now because, on the French site I use, someone posted this from the French official site yesterday:

<roughly translated>

"Q: I'm in Conso, I've regained weight, I go back to Cruise?
A: Certainly not! You are currently consolidating your weight. Careful not to pass from one phase to the other without careful thought.

If you've regained less than 1K, do more exercise, that should sort your weight out, there's nothing to worry about.

If you've regained between 1 and 3K, stop gala meals and carb portions in order to lose the weight in a reasonable time frame. In addition, increase your exercise. Two weeks of this should suffice.

If you've gained more than 3K, do three days PP, followed by 7 days' alternate PV/PL with a good dose of physical exercise."

PERSONALLY, in Stabilisation, I'd not touch a low carb diet with a barge pole... yoyo guaranteed. If you've reintroduced your carbs properly in Conso, and are stable in Stab until your holiday, some healthy eating and exercise should do the trick...

That last bit is just my humble opinion though!


Goat herder(ess)
S: 10st0lb C: 7st10lb G: 8st1lb Loss: 2st4lb(22.86%)
That's incredibly helpful, thanks, Jo!

My original weight gain was gradual, over a period of many months. When eating normally, I was fine (apart from some periods of stupid chocolate bingeing), but the accumulation of pounds during Christmas and holidays eventually added up. Despite regular exercise and reasonably healthy eating the rest of the time, I just couldn't shift the holiday/Christmas weight.

I really don't want to go back to the same old rut. However, I don't want to be terrified of eating anything on holiday. Having said that, I definitely could be more careful - just a couple of breakfasts with pancakes and syrup instead of several during the fortnight and sensible lunches (instead of deciding to skip lunch, but then finding an ice cream shop/cake shop irresisitible).

It's all a bit of a learning curve, I suppose. It will be interesting to find out what happens when I do go on holiday - whether I can stick to more moderate eating, how much weight I put on, how to get back on target again afterwards, etc. There's a long wait for our hols to come around, but I'll make sure that I document it all on here when that happens for future reference.
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You're still going to need your brans! I'd make up muffins/galettes that can be easily trasnported then fridged/frozen by the catering staff (surely they'd be happy to do this?).

I did a conso+ version of conso (more beer/wine, pizza than is allowed on conso) when on holiday last year - came back with a (slight) loss. I did a very exagerated 10 days of conso (conso+++) over Christmas/New Year (we were hardly here, ate what we were given and more) so I did deserve the gain (and I'd had a gain the week before too - too many dates/too much mincemeat which was entirely my own fault and lack of control - won't happen again ...until next Christmas;)).

Plus if you're walking/hiking loads, I'd be tempted to increase the healthy carbs or you'll be reaching for the chocolate a bit too often to give you energy bursts. With all the (extra) exercise, I'm sure you'll be fine.:D


Goat herder(ess)
S: 10st0lb C: 7st10lb G: 8st1lb Loss: 2st4lb(22.86%)
Thanks, Laura. I'll definitely be taking my bran with me. We'll be flying, though, so I intend taking a bag of it (hope it gets through Customs okay!). Then I'll mix it into food (eg, yoghurt, etc). If necessary, I'll even mix it with some liquid and drink the stuff!

We do loads of strenuous exercise on holiday - but I still always manage to put on several pounds, believe it or not. I think I'm going to try to still enjoy my food whilst away, but tone it down and eat less/better than I usually do during that fortnight. Moderation should be my keyword from now on.


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Ha you've reminded me - I have a week's holiday booked for end of May too. Self-catering, with the whole extended family and we tend to cook together (for 10). Hopefully I will have settled into / worked out whatever I can call 'Stabilization' by then. Anyway they've been pretty impressed by my efforts and very supportive too so there should be no problems with strange shopping requests :) and I'll be carrying my bran too!

It's a villa with private (heated!) pool so I should be able to get some nice exercise in to make me feel better about any indulgences! Oh can't wait, it's still 5 months away...


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im thinking i may just be on conso for the disney holiday so that may be interesting we shall see

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