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The August 1 Stone challenge

Hi all
Been chatting with some of you in relation to shifting that final stone. I know that theres a few different challenges about but thought I would start one for August alone!! Its a difficult time with holidays etc but so many of us have wanted this for so long and I guess as we get closer to a healthy/ normal weight we are not as focused as we could be - well I know I havent been.
So if anybody is up for it and doing weigh ins and getting to know each other a little more as we are in similar boats then I will look forward to us all either joining the discussion and then entering our losses each week.
What do you think?
Hope to get to know less of you all soon!!
sabina x
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Personal Trainer
Hey i am up for that mate!!!

Although i doubt i shall loose a stone in a month :eek:

but i will give it a go :girlpower: LOL

my starting weight today is 11st 9lb :)
HI Totty
My starting weight for August is 12 stone 2lb. Im aiming for a stone but anything close to that is good for me!!
Im trying my hardest to get at least 1 litre in me and yesterday went powerwalking with afriend and attepted 20 mins of tennis - all we did was run for the ball!!!!
I was actually motivated then and ended up in the gym for 30 mins.

Going to watch mamma mia and have my own bottled water and will not and must not touch the cinema treats!!!! willpower!!!!!! lol

Lets see how we get on.
Unfortunately the queue at the cinema was too long so didnt have to resist temptation!!
Well its the 1st August tomorrow and had a personal training session this morning so I have actually been shopping and have actually cooked today as he truly believes that if i do as he says in relation to diet and exercise then I should lost the final weight.
He did my body fat percentage and weighed me on the fancy scales and said I was 11 stone 11 whereas I thought I was 12 st this morning so I was overjoyed!!! Heres to seeing 11 stone soon which would mean my bmi was normal. He was very good and did more exercise than i normally would!!
Good luck to anybody who has set their own goals and challenges for August!
i cannot believe that august is almost gone and i was hoping that a stone would have gone too, but no such luck. i was 11st 8 and a half when i was weighed last tuesday but i know i have put a couple of pounds back on as have been in bingeing mode. Fortunately have continued with the exercise so im hoping that i will lose what i have put on soon enough. my next weigh in is tuesday. I was 12 stone 2 when i started this thread and was aiming for a loss of a stone. I have rethought this and the reality is that i should aim to reach 11 stone 7 and either maintain it for a couple of weeks without bingeing and just try and be sensible. So lets see what next weeks weigh in brings and i must stop eating the bad foods that i have managed to steer clear of for 3 weeks. I have several bottles of slim fast in the fridge and maybe i should push myself to do slim fast for a few days to ensure i get back on track. does anyone think that would be an ok idea? i dont fancy doing the very low calorie type diets as doing ok withhout, but i think i might as well use them just to discipline myself again?


Personal Trainer
well mate, i really fluffed it! :eek:

my weight now is 11st 11lb :(

oh well...life's too short to be sad.....:p

well done on your loss though!!!:cool:
2lbs on is not that bad!!! i have found that just this week my weight has gone up and down so much as ive not been doing too well, but not to worry. september is another month and another start. i managed to be good for 2 and a bit weeks and then kind of lost focus. but thats life. will try again in a few days!!!!


Personal Trainer
2lbs on is not that bad!!! i have found that just this week my weight has gone up and down so much as ive not been doing too well, but not to worry. september is another month and another start. i managed to be good for 2 and a bit weeks and then kind of lost focus. but thats life. will try again in a few days!!!!

you sound just like me!!

oh well..its my anniversary tomorrow..and a wedding saturday :party0036:

but hey...its september monday :character00115: lol
i know!!! lol
how tall are you as it seems youre not far from your bmi being normal!!!?
enjoy your anniversary and congrats!! how many is that? anything special planned? i hope you have a great time and like you said its september on monday so i think that sound like a good point to get 100% focused again and to just TRY in the meantime. i am supposed to get weighed in the gym tomorrow but im going to make them not weigh me till wednesday which is my last day with the personal trainer as cant afford it at the moment so will persuade him to do my weigh in on my last day with him...hope he agrees. Im sure he will!!!! Im booked in for 9:30am. I am back to work on the 1st september so will be interesting to see how dedicated (or not) i am with the exercise when back to the daily grind.
We will have to start a new thread full of POSITIVES for september next week.
take care and happy anniversary


Personal Trainer
Thanks hun :D

That makes 7 years of marriage (could i have killed him and got out on good behaviour do you think???) LOL :D only kiddin :whistle:

I am 5ft 7"...i have reached goal once...but then put a stone back on :sign0007:

just tryin to shift it :D

you havent got far to go either mate??
Im 5 ft 6 and as of today 11 stone 9 and a half - I put a pound on but lost 1% of body fat percentage which is a miracle. The week i eat crap - i lose body fat - not quite sure how that has worked. BUT decided have to lose that 1 lb plus at least another by next week!!!!
7 years - wow!! well done you!!! did you do anything special?? or shouldnt i ask??
at least youve made the decision to lost that stone. its where you let everything GO again and dont take control. A stone is not too bad, but i think once i get to a normal bmi, when i see that ive put more than 3 lbs on i have to nip it in the bud - thats the only way this can work.
Found some photos of myself that really scared me as i was 2 and a half stone bigger while i was married and the divorce has brought some good with it i guess as its made me try and look after me again and put me first. enough of that.
How long has weight been an issue for you totty and love the festive ticker!!!


Personal Trainer
my weight has really been an issue since i had my kids....i ate for 20 when i was pregnant LOL ...if it wasnt nailed down i ate it! :eatdrink023:

i managed to loose it all...but then i had the pill injection...and my weight just went out of control...have fought it ever since really.... :cry:was 15st 9lb at my heaviest...down to 10st 9lb at my lightest before christmas last year :happy036:

dont think that was my natural weight though...i barely ate anything to maintain that! :eek:...christams come and i had just had enough :gimi::gimi: LOL

we are going out for a meal for our anniversary....maybe a desset and a bottle of wine :party0036:LOL

i plan to reach my goal by christmas...how about you??
ive always been big since about the age of 10 i think and managed to get to around 11 stone 4 and maintain it for the few yrs before i was married through the exercise and really watching what i ate - friends would eat pizza in pizza hut - i actually got the salad!!!!! crazy. then got married and went wrong and ended up at 14 stone and with that came palpitations and a higher blood pressure!! well i separated (for the 2nd time) in June 2006 and since then have managed to lose almost 2 and a half stone and its tsayed off. its been slow and this july put on 4 pounds as ate cake and was extra merry for my birthday but knocked that on the head again and here we are at about 11.9 today.
dont have pregnancy as an excuse but with th years of yoyoing, the stretch marks appeared and are now a permanent fixture. managed to fade them down but doubt they will ever go.
enjoy your wine and desert on your anniversary celebrations and heres to staying focused till christmas!!. I think for my bmi to be normal i need to 11.1 but would like to push myself to 10.12ish if possible. That gives me 3lbs to play with !!!!! but have to get back on track straight away if weight starts creeping back. went ot the gym today and had last pers training session :( as officially broke...lol. but my car is now fixed but that came at a mean price too so have to pay that tomorrow (pay day). Have taken a positive step and contacted a nursing agency and hopefully they will take me on and i will start doing the odd shift at the weekend/ night so that i feel in control of my finances again!!!I like your goal of under 11 stone for Christmas and losing approx 3-4lbs a month. Think I will join you with that!!
Enjoy your celebrations and savour that desert!!! have as much as you want as that will be it after that!!! we can get to below 11 by Christmas.
Take care

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