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The bars?

Hiya, i find the bars really filling. For me it takes so long to finish eating them and i can only eat a bit at a time. I leave it in the fridge and then have little bites throughout the day. My favourites have changed from last week, i dont know why. But if you do try them, be sure to leave them in the fridge for a while because they taste much better that way.

I like the bars because it gives you somethings to chew on and you actually feel like you're eating something, compared to drinking soups/milkshakes. Its a nice feeling. You should give them a go for a week. You could even just buy 2 and try them for 2 days and see how you like them.

Good Luck xx


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I loved the bars too, and always had one a day in the evening. I used to drink lots of water with mine and nibble tiny bits. It didn't make me feel hungry.

Hope you enjoy them, they're really tasty.



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Alot of people slice their bars up in many slithers of chocolate etc, and then freeze them, and just pop one in your mouth as you go throughout the day... I think they got something like 30 slices out of one!!! might be worth a try... the chocolate and malt toffee ones are lovely... hhmmm


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omg 30 slices i can get 10 or 11


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i think you must have to have a sharp knife and a steady hand!! I could probably get about 20 ish out of one, but suppose it depends on how thick you need them...
I cut mine into 3 pieces most of the time. I have 2 pieces for snacks before and after my piece for lunch, lol. Sometimes, i cut it into several pieces and just nibble throughout the day.

I think we all have to drink a glass of water with the bar. I think i read it on the wrapper.

I'm having orange tmrw. Yey!! They taste like jaffa cakes, mmmmmmm!! :D

xx :)


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Do they fill you up as long as the shakes do? I'm thinking of trying a couple but don't want to feel hungry after eating them. I made some crisps out of a soup pack and I felt hungry afterwards so I don't want it to happen again.
Hi Fd,

I know some people find them filling but I don't, so I never have a bar in the morning because I know I'd be wanting another one. I sometime struggle to fit in the last shake so that is when I have a bar, usually with a cup of coffee and watching the TV:) .

Thanks everyone for answering. I'm thinking of having a bar everyday in the evenings as this is when I feel like chewing something.

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