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The Best Things about being a loser!

I am only just nearly halfway through my LT journey and I still have a long way to go, but even in the nine weeks I've been LT'ing and even the two weeks off cause of sickness, I have noticed some significant changes to my physical, mental and emotional self.....

I am feeling happier

I am looking better

I am sleeping really well and waking earlier

I feel stronger and not worried about being single again

I am able to play better with my children

I can pick my daughter up and carry her when she's tired

I can wear better clothing that costs less and fits better

My asthma has virtually disappeared

I can go braless in a fitted cami top and not look like two puppies are fighting each in a sack!

I was able to walk past a building site earlier and NOT cross to the other side of the road for fear of being ridiculed....I even said hello to one of the labourers and he said hello back without taking the p**s!!

I feel like socialising again

I am sure more things will be added by me in the coming weeks....what are you achievements!

(Crossing my legs yesterday was a good feeling!):D
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weighs a lot less
hi hun ,i love been able to buy clothes from normal shops although now im starting to get a bit fussy before i bought whatever fitted and now i want it to look good
i love playing with my girls and not having to just sit and watch as they have fun with their dad
i love the water flowing freely around me in the bath and not making a tidal wave when i get out
my bed seems so much bigger than it did
ive booked a holiday abroad for next year and i will be wearing a bikini(sod the stretchmarks)
i love going down the slides properly at the park instead of sitting sideways and going on one leg

i also love people telling me how good i look.it was really hard to accept a compliment at first but now i say thankyou and smile xx
i am just coming to the end of week 3 and i am definately feeling healthier, my skin is glowing (prob due to the fact i drink so much water!), my clothes are getting looser.

I JUST FEEL GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X

rainbow brite

Well obviously I've not lost yet but I'm so looking forward to being able to add to this thread in the future. x
i also love people telling me how good i look.it was really hard to accept a compliment at first but now i say thankyou and smile xx
awwwwwwwwwwww xox thats so great xox

From I started LT I am just full of excitment for my future - I feel I have been putting so many things off and hiding away because of my weight. I know that in a few months time I will be so happy with myself. I am so focused on loosing my weight, toning up and ensuring that I look the best that I can. Over the last year or more I have lost interest in fashion, my hair, and my general appearance, all because of my weight. I feel like i am going through a whole transformation, Im looking forward to the end result, but the best thing is i am enjoying the process of getting there

Even tho I'm only starting wk 4, I think my attitude has totally changed, I'm thinking a lot more positively and believing that I will actually reach my goal, just looking at the other people on here who've been on LT for 10wks and seeing what they've achieved, I know it's possible!

Of course my clothes getting a lot looser and being able to see the difference in the mirror is super as well - that really only happened this wk!
1. My attitude towards food

2. My attitude toward life

3. Feeling confident in my clothes

4. Loving that im no longer the fat friend

5. When my OH hugs me he can now fit his arms right around me and grab his elbow!

6 When I sit on my OH when the 3 of us are playing - I dont put his back out, or cause him to suffocate. Infact he is quite comfy with me sitting on him now.

7 Being able to play with my daughter

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