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The Biggest Loser- How On Earth????

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I watched abit of the biggest loser for the first time and at the end of the programme a few people had actually lose a stone :eek: was this really in 1 week? and how on earth did they manage this??? i know they did quite a lot of exercise but a whole stone and for some, it was more... how????
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Very calorie controlled diet and hours and hours of exercise - but that said I have seen some people lose large amounts their first week on SW

You should have seen the US version, a couple of guys lost 2 stone and one 34lbs if I remember rightly. But they are also very big people with loads of weight to lose.


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When people are in a large calorie deficit they'll use up their glycogen stores especially if they're exercising. The weight they lose in week 1 will be mainly water/glycogen stores. But usually on Biggest loser they still lose typically 5-8lbs in later weeks...that's more reasonable for people of that size who are exercising 5+hours a day in calorie deficit.

It's not something that anyone would recommend for most people. The people in there have nutritionists and doctors on hand and are closely monitored. If you look on google, there are a lot of stories of Biggest Loser contestants that have put on all the weight again too.


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There are people on this forum on total food replacement diets who have lost around a stone in the first week, so yup! It is very possible to do!


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yes i do be gob smacked at the amount they lose..

i do know they spends hours exercising and have strict diet..i just wonder how they don't faint/collapse

must be greedy as i would faint on that sort of regime
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I am always amazed at how much 'punishment' the human body can take - whether it be exercising like they do in the Biggest Loser house or getting as heavy as some of them are - 546LB one of the contestants this year - the human body sure is a marvellous thing!
losing up to a stone in 9 days

It is possible to lose a stone in a week but you have to change your lifestyle to keep it off. I have not been able to shift my baby weight for the past 2.5 years. Have tried all the fat burners on the market, all the different types of diets but not really lost anything and couldn't really stick to the diet either.
My friend runs a ladies gym and she has started promoting a 9 day detox plan followed by another plan for a month. The 9 day plan detoxs your body and clears your colon, the month plan, helps you change your lifestyle, the plans are actually mangable and help you understand how to change your lifestyle. I was amazed that people actually lost up to one stone in the 9 days and are losing more in the month prorgramme. People are losing inches all over their body so its actual fat loss too. It is my day 3 today and I have lost 2" from my belly. Ill kepp you guys updated but im over the moon with this package.
First week is always water weight, then after that its due to all the hours they put in at the gym and having to eat low cals compared to what they used to eat.

On the Cambridge Diet (VLCD) i have lost between 5-7lbs in the first week and then 3-4lbs in the weeks after that.



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I lost 7lbs this week and that was only after my break for xmas, thats with hardly any exercise and I dont have anywhere near the amount the people on the biggest loser have to lose.
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i do know they spends hours exercising and have strict diet..i just wonder how they don't faint/collapse
According to what I've read they do! There are a lot of stories floating around from ex BG contestants. I don't think their practices are that brilliant. In fact, not sure if it was here or the US but a couple of contestants have gone on to have eating disordered issues.
In Australia and the USA, (not sure about the UK), the weigh ins are not conducted weekly, although they are portrayed as such. The first weigh in is 2-3 weeks after the initial one, and then they are about ten days apart, according to past contestants, and the length of time from the start of filming to the end- In Aust this is six months, although it is portrayed as being just over three. There is an Aust BL forum- although it hasn't started this year, another month- on which several past contestants and their family members post- is there one in the UK?

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