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The biggest loser meal replacement


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Just googled it and its food replacement.

About the Meal Replacement Program ~ The Biggest Loser Club

I think it might work out quite costly and only says to expect weight loss of 1 - 2lbs a week.

Im on Exante (which is a bit tougher as is total food replacement) that costs me £100 a month for everything and I lose between 3 and 4lbs a week.
Good luck with your trek, its a worthy cause, and well done with your weight lose, keep up the good work.


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Good luck with the trek hun... very brave of you .xx I just looked at the biggest loser uk club website and it's all advertised and explained on there. Apparently asda are the only stockists so far. I am doing a lot of training and hitting the gym hard so it will suit me as it is a high protein diet. I will try anything ..lol. But seriously it's a good way of knowing you are getting those all important nutrients whilst shedding the pounds. I will let you know how it goes .
Hiya, I have bought these as well and set up an account on the bigest loser site, it looks good, gives you a meal plan, exercise plan etc...

will let you all know how I get on, I might start my own thread on here and the diary section because I don't really know where I fit in on the other boards x x
Good luck, I am going out today to buy the biggest loser meal replacements. Not sure what I am going to get yet but am going to start the diet tomorrow (monday!).

Keep us informed and let us know how it goes and waht you are eating! :)
I am on it just now. Well I like the shakes, they are not exactly milkshakes but as I used to drink protein shakes I find them really tasty. The snack bars are more like protein bars and if you are thinking that they are just going to be chocolate then think again I have been eating them for snacks and for breakfast think they are good and have lots of good stuff in them. Not tried the soups yet but am going to tomorrow. the diet is going good. the first couple of days I had no energy and a really sore head but that's just the toxins leaving your body and start to feel better after a few days. First weigh in is on saturday :)

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