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The Biggest Loser - website to watch online

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Hmmm, never watched it online - have always downloaded it. If someone does have a link to where we can watch it online that would be great :cool:


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Will pm a couple of sites if you like....


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and me please!


Queen of the Damned
Check your PMs :)

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Ok.. me too please! ;)
Ooh I can see me filling my laptop with lots of lovely new things! :D


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If you get a chance DQ could you please pm me too:flowers:


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The first series I watched (no idea which series it was) had 3 teams with a blonde trainer too. I think she was called Kim. I'm not struck on Jillian

Irene xx

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I love Gillian! lol she's like Sarah Connor from Terminator!! Amazing lol

I'm watching 2 series on the tv at the moment.. a re-run of one with Kim in it too.. B has just gone home :( And Bob and Bill were in that one :)
Then one on Sky 1 which has them in Austrailia at the moment :)

I caught 1 programme with Adro in it a while back - when my sister TOLD me to turn over while we were on the phone to each other! lol He did amazingly well. :)

So.. it'd be lovely to catch up with the old series :)

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I record it on sky+ from Real Lives 2.. if you have sky go into option 3 and then it's 4 or 5 down.. it's on at other times too :) It's nearing the end and if you have seen one with Brothers mark and Jay in, then that's the series :)

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lol you know I think i'm getting confused! :p That one is recording here too at the moment - I'm off out in a bit so will watch it later :)

Bill is a member of the night time one.. he has a brother but can't remember his name. B (Brian) went home last night and it has a girl in it called Hollie.
Sorry!! lol

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I watched the one with Mark, Kelly, Ali and Roger in this morning.. and it told me who wins the other one!!! :copon:blooming re-runs!! lol Not the brother though.. not according to what it said. ;) I won't post it in case someone else reads it here. :)

I know this is a bit of an old thread, but can anyone help me out....

The new series of Biggest Loser US - Families is on SkyReal Lives, but I am unable to watch it at the time it is on (9pm), and it looks like there is no repeats....i have no way to record tv.....please help, im so sad that I cant get to see it!!! :cry:


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