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the bits in the soups


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Is it just me or does anyone else not like the bits in the soups?

I love the flavour of the soups, but find the bits just stay really hard and are tasteless.

I have resorted to mixing the soup then putting through a tea strainer into a mug to avoid them.

Am I doing something wrong when I make them up?
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Do you use a blender or electric mixer of some kind - that might help break them up a bit more. There will always be bits in the Vegetable though :)


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I use a hand whisk, i don't get any lumps, I just find the bits of mushroom, or chilli or veg in the soups just aren't very nice
I just love the veg and mushroom soup bits and all cant stand the others just shows you how different our tastes are lol
i don't really mind them. i use a hand blender and i make the soups with really hot water from the tap. by the time i blend and eat them, the bits have softened up.


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the soups in general make me feel queasy but the bits deffo dont help!


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I was on LT and never liked the chicken soup, I gave the thai chicken soup a go today, and it made me boke!


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Crims, they all have that effect on me!


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I initially ordered all shakes, then changed to shakes and soups, I'm kinda thinking I wish I hadn't! xx
I don't understand why they bother with tiny, freeze-dried bits of mushroom and veg. It doesn't add anything to the soup other than bits to rinse out of my mug (and teeth) afterwards!

I don't mind any of the soups and the shakes, although I don't find any flavours especially strong as my sense of taste isn't very good. But of all of them, the chicken soup and chocolate shakes are my least favourite as they seem the most removed from what I think they should taste like.


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i had the tomato and basil today and actually quit liked it! shock!
I love the veg soup - especially the BITS!!!! Gives my teeth something to do as they are feeling quite redundant over the past 2 weeks!! You do have to leave the soup for a good 5 minutes for the bits to soften (like with a Pot Noodle) and I would recommend a hand blender even though it does give you frothy soup!

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