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The bouillon effect ????


The bouillon in itself shouldn't affect ketosis but the high salt content can make you retain water (all of the versions are still high in salt, even the reduced salt one).

The only advice I can give is to stick to the sole source book and the book doesn't mention bouillon and therefore I would drop it at least for the next 7 days and see how you feel.

The LL rule was that you can have 2 bouillon drinks a day. I never used to have 2 a day every day, but I did have them - they never seemed to affect my weight loss so that I noticed .....

Thnaks for the feedback. Interesting that I feel a little more bloated since I have had the bouillon drink a day.....so I'll take your advice and ditch them for a week.
I sometimes have the bouillon drink, but only on the days when the hunger is too much. You can get lower salt versions of it as well.

I know its not strictly recommended but its only the same as the veg drink sold by CDC's anyway, and in my opinion, anything that helps us stick to this crazy diet should be welcomed.
what's a bouillon drink please??


Loving the Cambridge Diet
what's a bouillon drink please??
Marigold Bouillon - a vegetable stock - from Tesco, etc, which is absolutely delicious!

Have had one every day and it has had no effect on my weight loss.

The CDC Savoury drink is awful, sorry and all that CDC's, but it is.
Personally I don't like the Cambridge vegetable BUT it isn't the same as Marigold, the salt content in Marigold is much much higher, even in the reduced salt version.

oooooh yummy. can any of them take you out of ketosis?? sorry if already said, I have read the thread earlier today but I'm soooo very tired I can't remember.

my mouth is watering now :D I can't believe I may be able to have something HOT for once :eek::D:whoopass::D

xx sj xx


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Some people are more sensitive to the slight increase in salt - I am fine, it doesn't affect me.

So, basically, you need to try it for yourself and see what happens. Only one per day, mind!
Marigold Bouillon doesn't seem widely available down here, so I didn't have any for weeks 1-3. :(

Weekend 3 I was up north and found it in Sainsburys. I had a yummy mug full to the brim (actually very dilute with only half a teaspoon of powder per 10oz mug) per day every day during week 4. My loss during week 4 was only 1lb though, perhaps coincidental, perhaps not, but I've cut the bouillon right out again.

Everyone's different though, so others could be absolutely fine on it.
I have the low salt version a couple of times aweek and find it really helps bash the hunger pangs. I don't think it has damaged my weight loss, but there's no way I can tell. I am happy with my losses and tend to think that anything non-fatal that helps me to stick to this mad but wonderful diet is worthwhile.

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