The brain does catch up you know


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Well, it's taken a long time, but I keep looking at down at myself and accepting that I'm not overweight. In fact, I am indeed quite shocked to realise that I am quite dinky LOL

Okay...perhaps not dinky, but dinky for me:rolleyes:

I assume that my brain has now caught up.

I'm still smarting over that link Mike sent saying they might put obesity helpline numbers on the size of clothes that I sometimes still wear. I told my eldest son and he was shocked. I was quite touched...especially by the suprised look on his face. He rarely says anything about how I look, but I know that he would always tell me what he truly thinks, not what he feels I would want to hear. He thinks the idea is ridiculous :D
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well done I was thinking to myself what if when im at my target weight I still see myself as fat, well hopefully our experience will be the same as yours...........ooooooo I do hope so !



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That is a very good point. Even though I have gone down in size 26/28 to 20 top and 24 to 18 bottom, I am still buying large sized clothes. My brain has not quite caught up to calculate that information. I am finding that I'm returning or swapping clothes so frequently.


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Glad to hear you are there.

I was in M& S the other night buying a pair of black work trousers. Dithering over a 22 or 24 (I was a 28-30) thinking these are never going to fit. But the 22s did. I have a pair of size 22 jeans that I had hope to be in by Christmas and they fit me fine........... but is so hard to believe.




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Wow im getting excited now......oooooo to be able to walk in any store and pick something up without fretting will be so nice. There was a time when even none of the Evans clothes would fit, so bye bye shopping at milletts ....(shop to buy tents lol) and soon to be hello to any shop I choose.



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My brain happily accepted at first that I was slim, went around in a constant state of slimness & had to be dragged away from mirrors. But now, 8 months on, it's like I've forgotten and I think I'm fat again:rolleyes: It's when I try on small size clothes that I realise that I am still slim. Weird!


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I still identify with all my fat photos even though I am 4 stone lighter and everyone keeps telling me I don't look like that anymore ! I can't see it even though I am buying smaller clothes. Hope my brain catches up but there is a lot still to lose so maybe it won't catch up until the end ! :D