Here today, maintaining tomorrow

Thanks Mini. You are of course completely right.
My target was a stone before Christmas and as long as I lose something this evening (which I think I will), it's still achievable. And if not, then this isn't a race. As I said above I want this to be a new way of eating, and not about the weight.
I now feel the same...

Good luck with weigh-in this evening!
19.12.16 I forgot to update last week. Surprisingly I lost 3lb! Thanks everyone for your encouragement.
So I kept my target of getting to 12st 2lb or less by Christmas and tonight I did it! I'm 12st 1lb. So I've acheived 25% of my overall target. I'm really pleased. And I'm feeling very proud of myself. I know it's early days but I'm doing it! 《Does a little dance.》
Next target... less than 12st by the first weigh in after new years.
How is everyone else doing?
27.12.16 I'm not sure that a single vegetable has passed my lips since my last log in. Alright, that's a lie but it isn't that far off the truth. You know those inevitable boxes of chocolates that you "really won't eat at all this year (or at least not in one sitting"? Well yep, I ate them. All of them. In one sitting. And that's just the start...
I was going to delay my weigh in to the end of the week to give me a few days of eating well but it was obvious that all it meant was that I would just keep eating as I was so I bit the bullet and weighed in tonight. I was genuingely surprised to lose 1lb!
I've been over indulging, mainly in sugar and fat and I'm feeling heavier. Sometimes I don't understand this weight thing.
At my last weigh in, I set a target of loosing 1.5lb by the end of the year to take me under 12st. As it is I will be 12st exactly. That isn't shoddy by any means but I can't help but be disappointed I didn't manage that extra 0.5lbs. Although I guess I can't complain when it was me that ate all the (mince) pies.
Since my birthday I have lost the equivalent of a sperm whale's brain. That's a good thing for me, probably not so good for the whale!
I'm 2lb off club 10. I'll try for that next week. I want a new sticker!
Happy new year everyone!
02.01.17 1.5lb off. Was hoping for 2lb so I'd get Club 10 but that will now be next week. I did get slimmer of the week which was great but it was by default rather than actually earned as I was the only person who loss/maintained this past Christmas but hey a sticker is a sticker and it sort of makes up for not getting my Club 10. :)
Going to get a takeaway now and back on with bells on tomorrow!
Thanks guys! 1.5 off again this week so I got club 10! Yay!
Had a bit of a bad week. Ongoing personal issues are causing a lot of anxiety and stress. They are coming to a head so my loss was more due to the fact I wasn't eating rather than I was eating well.
I'm going to make an effort to eat this week.
My wedding rings now fit! Although my work dresses are a bit tight again <shrug>.
2lbs and I'm at 1.5st off so hoping to get that by the end of the month (given my sporadic eating habits right now I don't want to set a more specific target).
Ponytails, how are you doing?
Thanks Little Miss and Cynicalgirl. That explains that! Haha!
How has your year started?
I'm feeling down today.
I forgot to update last week but I think I've gotten a bit complacent. I stopped making an effort, no healthy extras, not logging propwrly etc and gained 1.5lb. It was a surprise but I knew why when I thought about it.
The past week has been horrible emotionally. I've been eating junk because I just don't have the energy. I was expecting to gain 2ish but I actually lost 3.5 which means I hit my 1.5st. My husband suggested it was because I may be living on chocolate but I'm not eating anything else or I may have had chips but I left most of them.
Obviously im happy to get to a stone and a half but this is not the way to healthy eating.
I feel like a fraud and like the scales are broken or something (funny enough they always freeze when they put my card in!) and one day I'll go in and get "properly" weighed and be back up to 13st+.
It's not helped by the fact that although I can see changes in my body and I measure monthly there are only 2 items of clothing which fit any differently and even then, not hugely.
My rings fit again which is fab but I've gotten a stupid hairstyle and my skin has exploded because of the stress (and pizzas) so I'm actually feeling pretty awful about my appearance (and general ability but that's for another time).
Things are going to be horrible for another few months I guess so I need to find the energy to sort my food out. I know it will make a difference mentally so if nothing else it will help me face everything better.
And yay. I have lost 1.5stone. I do need to remember that even when I'm having a little feel sorry for myself moment.
In the same way that weight isn't everything, all the other crap that's going on isn't anything. Not really. Yes it's awful right now but in two years time it will be part of my history. I just need to get through the present to move it into the past.
Hmm. Brain dump.
Free black balloons and popped party poppers if anyone wants to join me in the corner having a pity party.
Thanks guys. Sorry about that. No crying over the keyboard today. Promise.
Still eating junk. I need to MAKE myself sort that out. No excuses. Get it done. I can't moan about it but not change it. That is something I CAN control.
2.5lbs off today and I think it's starting to show now. It's not massive and I don't think I've dropped a dress size or anything but my clothes on the whole are fitting differently so that's a positive.
I'm off work for at least another 2 weeks. One of my skirts was getting too big before I went off. I'm hoping that it'll need replacing with a smaller size when I do go back. Shallow? Me? Never! Haha!
I read your whole diary from the start, haha, I wish you'd update more! I love your writing style. Is that a weird thing to say? If it is, I do apologise! :p
Well done on the 2.5 lbs off, weight loss is never linear, we lose, we gain... we just need the mental space to be in the right place for things to happen. You CAN control what you do, though it seems an almost impossible task at times. If you just can't one day... the next will be different. You're on your way. x
The sugar Dragon hit this past week. Hard. How many gu puddings can one person eat in a week? No idea and I'm too scared to look in my recycling! Anyone need any glass remekins?
I was expecting 1lb or so gain (based on a sneaky Friday weigh in) but I maintained. I genuinely don't understand how because I fell completely off the wagon and lost control. I don't get it but I'll take it!
This week a lot of people were discussing SP weeks which I gather are when you only eat speed. I'm going to look into that as an option this week before I order my food.
At group tonight I committed to a 3lb loss this week. I'm going to do my best to achieve it. Goodbye Gu. We will meet again...
20.02.17 Well it's never going to end well when you "find" the wrapper of a family sized Cadbury Caramel in your bag just before group is it really? My 2lb gain betrayed me despite me going all Shaggy and proclaiming "it wasn't me" (that ate all the pies)!
Still no proper food shopping done. Still no food planning done. No excuses why that hasn't happened but it is the reason my food intake has been so awful.
Goes to show that you need to stick to the same "proper" scales though. Last week I weighed in at the local swimming pool and it showed a gain when I maintained at group. I weighed at the pool again this week and it showed a minor loss and the rest as they say is history.
But wow, 2lb. Not many of those to get back to where I was. Back on this week. Would like 2lb off next week to get me back to where I was.