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The brutal honesty of kids


I will succeed!!!
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Heheheeee my friend just called me to tell me this, and it made me LOL so thought I'd share.

My friend lost 4 stone on SW but is now 7 months pregnant, and has enjoyed the excuse to eat to her content.

She has a 4 year old son who is so funny at the best of times, but has surpassed himself today.

This is how she said it went:

'Mummy, why is your belly fat again?'
'Mummy isn't fat, she's having a baby'
'But the baby doesn't grow in your bum though Mummy'

PMSL!!! I love kids and their brutally brutal honesty! Hehehe x
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Desperate to be slim!
Hehe!!! Bless him!!!

My 8 year old sister said to me yesterday:
"Emma, are you going to be really thin one day"
"I hope so, but I doubt I'll be really thin" I say
"Oh... well, I want you to stay chubby because chubby people give better hugs, and you give the best hugs I know!"

Quite sweet, but a bit of a double edged sword I think!


I will succeed!!!
S: 13st3lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.59%)
Awww bless her. But yes, that's a total pleasure-pain situation isn't it? Hehe. I love kids...hope to have one someday :)


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aww bless him kids say the funniest of things

I was in the bathroom in my undies and my 5 year old son decides he wants the toilet,anyway he is sitting on the toilet and suddenly starts giggling,well when he laughs he has such a hearty laugh i say what you laughing at and he replys you have ya knickers on back to front (i wear Thongs)oh bless him he laughed so hard


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I always remember my nephew laying across my sister in law's lap in the car. He looked up and said "mummy why have you got 2 chins and I've only got 1" lol


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Haha kids are great. I was mucking about with my little neice a few weeks ago and she said why are you spotty. I said because you gave me chicken pox and i turned into a chicken and then got spots. My husband piped up we had really big eggs when she was a chicken and my neice said thats because she has a really big bum.
Did make me chuckle because it is not meant in a rude way unlike when some adults have a not so subtle dig.

miss jelly tot

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LOL love this thread. My little cousin was in the room when my auntie was getting dressed and asked why her boobies were so long (time for an uplift!)

A conversation with my 3 year old in the car passing a farm went like this
Me: Ohh animals, where does beef come from?
My dauhter: A cow
Me: well done where does sausages come from
My daughter: Urmh...the chip shop.
Bless them
My lad struck up a converstation with a very large man in the Tesco checkout. I only caught the end of what he was saying in between paying . He said to the guy.... you should come with me and daddy to weighing classes and they will tell how to get a small tummy! I at this stage smiled and said " he enjoys coming to SW with me!, the guy sort of grinned as we stepped away.... then Oh yes it came "Daddy that man is having a baby in his big tummy is that right daddy!! . I then watched the checkout lady fall off her chair in histerics. I threw him on the trolley and made a dash for the door. The bleeper thing went off as there was a tag on a CD (paid for I must add). I was collard by security bloke and much to my horrer the large guy had caught up with us. My lad in his loudest voice,( with everyone looking at us if we were doing a runner with nicked gear) said "Your not having a baby my daddy said so !!!!

I love him really !!!

Phil x
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Back around christams i was in the bath and my 5 year told me that my tummy looked like a snowman's tummy. She has a way with words!!


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God don't you just love them?

In the dark ages I had to take my then baby to the Drs, it was a tiny village surgery and his wife was the receptionist so she looked after my 3 year old while I went in. When I came out everyone was laughing and I caught,,,,, " and my mum says she's not having any more babies cos she's got enough on with us two" I didn't ask what he'd been telling them before!

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