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The Cambridge 2008 Gameplan! Learn It, Live It, Love It!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
[SIZE=[/SIZE]Hi Everyone
I know I have posted this article before
but based on the Emails that I have received it needed to get a encore! so I renamed it and posted it again!:)

I know this is the time of year when everyone makes new year resolutions about losing weight then by march its all gone to pot!
So I thought I would throw some pointers to keep you on track and focused
Step 1 Have a CLEAR goal
What do you really want! I strongly suggest you opt for a lifestyle change or how about getting slim and healthy AND STAYING THERE! Losing weight is not your goal but the journey you go on to reach your Destination

Step 2 Tell yourself THE TRUTH!
Telling yourself the truth can be really painful but the truth will set you free! I tell my clients to strip down butt naked, look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth and there is no point rationalising because the truth is staring right back at you and that is you have abused yourself WITH FOOD & DRINKS!

Step 3 Get yourself a good Counsellor
I must admit not everyone can handle our TOUGH LOVE approach
but that is how we won our Award We love people and most of clients know that we are one of the most Passionate Counsellors in the UK! & rather than you waste your money, waste our time, Clients know from the get go what we expect! NO STORIES! People only join our club when they have turned their should lose weight into MUST LOSE WEIGHT!
Not only that, A Counsellor SHOULD demonstrate that they genuinely care about their Clients which I have seen demonstrated by other Counsellors i.e recipes, articles and the frequent Phone calls etc. Some dieters spend more time focusing on what stories they can tell others and themselves when they mess up rather than just keeping it REAL!

Step 4 Avoid the Pressure Cooker Effect!
this is the regular pattern for most dieters
(1) So much pain
(2) Take action
(3) Get results
(4) Pain Reduces
(5) Lose your Drive
(6) Stop taking action at the same level

Misery loves Company
Now here is some food for thought, when you fall off the wagon do you look for someone who is focused and try and get some sort of Inspiration from them? Or do you look for the person who is the same boat as you so you can comfort each other? Use the forum to benefit you!

Pain is your best Friend!
If you read every success story about weight lost, the one thing they all have in common is PAIN! From my Heroes MIKE SCOTT, KATIE PERKS myself included! The list is endless it was the pain that made them (and myself ) take action, focus and then follow through make pain be the fuel to drive you to your end Destination

Exercise is A key component
When you have finally arrived at your destination (Goal Weight) your gonna feel Invincible, when in actual fact your at your weakess point because you now feel you earn the right to a massive slap up meal to celebrate your Big Achievement now you wanna party show the world the new YOU!
Now if you go back to a Lifestyle that made you FAT in the first place, do you think the weight will not start to pile back on after you hit you goal weight? After all that sacrifice, money, effort do you really wanna go back there? HELL 2 THE NO! Soooooo change your diet! never stop drinking WATER! (massive tip)
So before the big shopping spree, the clubbing and the holidays, the next Port of call is learning to EXERCISE the choices are endless I strongly recommend jogging but like I said, do what you Enjoy then OWN IT! make it part of your Lifestyle!

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