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The CD Treat!!!

Hi all....

Just wondered if you guys have a 'treat' in mind for yourselves once you get to goal/been maintaining for a bit!!

I have always wanted to get 2 tattoos, one just below my wrist and one on my shoulder (but having had massive fatty shoulders, it was out of the question) I so want them, but im nervous as hell at the thought of the pain!!!:cry:

Anyone else doing something to mark their journey?? :p:p:p

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Yep :D booked New York with a friend for just after Xmas as WILL be at goal (thats how confident i am lol!) also booked vegas with hubby for november as will be almost at goal!!

These are things to keep me going as dont quite fancy a tattoo haha

my ultimate goal will be getting my tummy tuck and boobs corrected! Everything now is focusing on that!
When that's been done, then i might get a little small tattoo to remind me of how far i have come! :D



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my treat wheni get to goal will be ................a new husband!!!! LOL. i keep teasing OH that i'm gonna trade him in for a different model.....possibly a little too much as he's working out loads and dieting himself...mmmmm and he's looking good (got a lot of work to do though)

On a serious note OH and I are gonna try and have a long weekend away without the kids. limo to the airport then a surprise destination.

He isn't gonna book it until i've maintained for 3 months so i've got something to aim for.
babycakes that is an amazing idea! might mention that to the hubby and see if he gets the hint! :D


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I have booked a holiday for May next year and hope to be at goal then. I plan to have a radical haircut (my hair is currently waist length) and new wardrobe. I will also have my wedding and engagement rings resized and am planning on buying an eternity ring with some money I have inherited from my grandparents - but not until I get to goal!
Fitting into my existing clothes will be a great reward, but for extras I will buy some very pretty underwear (possibly will need re-inforced bras, see another thread today!) and a couple of swimsuits that hold you in - I think they are over £100 each - will need to start investigating.
My best friend has suggested Florida next year, she knows someone that we can book a villa from at reasonable rate. I am known to be terrible with money management so we have agreed that I will start putting away some savings each month. Have been to New York and California but have never visited any Disney resorts, so that will definitely be on the agenda.
I have no real 'just for me' treats in mind, although i do feel prompted now to think of some.... i too, have useless money management. My main goals will be the reasons i did this in the first place, get fit, get married, have another baby, all whilst slim! xx
My treat once i get to goal is to (hopefully) start trying for baby #2! We have decided to wait until i am at a healthy bmi so i won't need to be under the watchful eye of a consultant.
Baby callalillies don't worry about the tattoo hurting, i have 3 and they just felt like scratching really, i have 1 on each wrist and 1 on my shoulder blade.


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im getting my boobs reduced and o/h is giving me £500 if im slim enough for the reverse cowgirl lol x


Please kick my butt!!
babycakes that is an amazing idea! might mention that to the hubby and see if he gets the hint! :D
Liz which part the trade in or the weekend away??
I am not sure what I am going to do when I lose all my excess - but throwing my whole wardrobe out and starting again will definitely be a start.
I want to visit the Everglades and i don't want to fly long distance until I am slim so perhaps I should start saving for that!
You'll love the everglades, we went on one of those airboats looking for gators and stuff, it was brilliant! Make sure you wear sunglasses if you go on an airboat though, the dragonflies there are the size of helicopters and the last think you'll want is one pinging you in the eye at speed...

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