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The Daily Hate

Jo B

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I loathe a lot of what this paper puts in but this really made me mad this morning

My visit to Fat Central on a mission to find out who's really to blame for our obesity crisis | Mail Online

It is patronising and goes to prove that being overweight is the one of the last remaining things that you can publicly berrate people for.

It made me so angry this morning that a woman who clearly has never struggled with her weight can sit in judgement over everyone that does
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Well. Hmmm.

I think the author does have quite a vicious streak and a real hate for fat people. I believe she could have written that from a completely different angle, and received a much better response.

I have to say though, <gulp> - there were a few points she brought up that I do agree with. :eek:

One - it does break my heart to see obese children. I do think that is a form of abuse. And quite often, not always, but often they are walking with there obese parents.

It is not OK for a child to be obese - he/she has no chance. And that is happening in alot of countries far too often, and I do think something should be done about that. But not in the gestapo attitude of the writer.

When you see these whos on TV - 40-stone man for example, I ALWAYS say "WHERE WAS THE FANILY?? HOW COULD THEY LET HIM GET LIKE THAT" and it does make me angry.

I also agree we as a society have become far too dependant on convenient food. And that is such an easy trap to fall into. Life is busy. Life is hectic. Its easy to open a box, or drive to a McDOnalds, or round the corner to a take away. It seems to be a sign of the times, and I think that is one thing that will not change in the big picture. But I know pre LL I certainly led a very convenient life much of the time. ;)

ANother point she mentioned was that people do not see themselves as obese, and I believe this is so true. Probablly not many of us here, because we are here - so we recognised and have chosen to do something about it - but many people do not think they are obses. They do not understand what obese is. Or morbidly obses - which is what I was. But many just think they are a bit overwieght when they are at high risk of disease, etc., instead.

It is a very harsh way she has written her story. Had she written with compassion, which she obviously has none, it would have been a completely different article.

There are a lot of people, myself included, who got fat not because I was lazy, but because I had emotional problems that involved food. She does not touch on that at all. SHe has only gone after those who may appear to be lazy, and gluttonous. I know there are people out there like that, but lets be real - most of us KNOW too much in, not enough burned makes us fat, etc. But there are so many more factors to it then just that.

She has tarred all fat people with one brush, which is a shame.

But she does make some valid points - that it is an area of huge concern. Or it should be. Simply to stop it becoming a generational problem as such.

I understand your anger Jo, and I am sorry she made you feel that way. She's ignorant.

I have always said, You have to walk a mile in a fat persons shoes, to fully understand the complexities it involves - that it is NOT just a matter of too much in - not enough out. It is much muchmore then that.

Its her loss. She's narrow minded, and certainly not anyone I would want to know.


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hi there
i have just come back from a week at a Havern holiday centre.
i can honestly say i was horrified by the number of obese - morbidly obese people there.

the number of fat kids was so sad - and, it has to be said, all the fat kids i saw had fat parents/grandparents.

i was sticking pretty much to LL - but even if i hadn't been it would have been difficult as all that was on offer was high fat rubbish.

kids were encouraged to drink metre tall plastic glasses of fizzy drinks - and most were

all the food available was junk - even at the pub the menu was deep fried

even having been larger myself i felt disgusted by some of the sights i saw -which probably makes me a hypocrite - and i did have to resist the urge several times to run up to people and shout 'try lighter life!' at them

it was the kids i felt sorry for tho - the toddlers who don't have a choice and the uncomfy looking teens who don't know any other way. very sad

daisy x

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi Daisy - welcome back and hope you had fun!

Thats what I mean - the kid have no choice - they don;t know any better.....they face a lifetime of hurt and sadness and loneliness and self hate....its so tragic to see that. :(

Jo B

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I agree with both of you - I am horrified at the number of obese people you see in everyday life; it is only since doing LL that I have really noticed. There is nothing worse than seeing overweight kids being given Greggs pasties and McDonalds, you're right BL, there is no excuse for it and it is setting them up for a lifetime of problems.
However, the thing that really got me was the way she was proud of being "fattist", as if it was acceptable. I believe that the only person who can help an obese person is themselves - it is not the responsibility of the government but a lot of these people are likely to have never known good nutrition and they need to be taught it from an early age where possible. Another large percentage of these people will (like a lot of us) have emotional issues with food. It's like saying to a drug addict "don't do as much and go and get a job", it's not always that easy...

LL Gal

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Hi all,

I read this article this am, and I agree with some of the concerns, especially regarding children, however Amanda Platell (former adviser to William Hague) has often in her articles leant herself to intolerant views, not just to the overweight, but to women also.

It's a shame that ridicule of the overweight is still deemed acceptable. I do agree that people need to realize that obesity isn't 'average' and shouldn't be seen as the norm, but making people feel ashamed isn't the way to improve things ... not to me anyway. The things that motivate me the most is seeing the success of people who have lost weight and kept it off.

It's a shame that some portions of the media have such prejudices.


I Can Do This!
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I know a few obese kids - and they have ice cream for breakfast :eek:. One was sent to school with a whole tube of pringles to eat. It is down to the parents. It is hard to say no all the time, but everyone benefits from firm parents who provide good guidance on healthy eating and exercise - and who CARE about their childs long term future.

My heart breaks for the kids who are brought up without this.

As for obese adults - everyone can eat healthily on a budget. So many who are 'poor' can still find the necessary to buy cigarettes, alcohol and other substances.

People do need to take responsibility for themselves - first and foremost they need to WANT to change and improve their lives. That's where many of the government aid schemes fall down.

Although the article is clearly vitriolic against obese folk, there are many true points made.

One of the problems is that society is starting to change its perception of 'normal weight'. How many of us have had comments about stopping the diet while still way above the healthy BMI range. Size 16 may be average - but I doubt anyone at that size is a healthy weight.

Poliical emphasis and assistance in promoting the old-fashioned family unit would be a big start.
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It's every bodys right to have an opinion but that womens opinion is nothing but pure hate.I have a 4 year old daughter who loves to eat shes not fat and she dose not eat unhealthy food but thats only because i don't want her to grow up feeling like i have for so many years i was pretty much aloud to eat what i wanted growing up my mum worked all the hours and my stepdad just wanted a quite life so at the age on 12 13 i would get home from school and open up a tin of 8 hotdogs and spaghetti hoops cook it myself have mountings of bread and butter with it woof it down and go out.I have always blamed my mum for my uneducated food upbringing as i feel i did not stand a chance of becoming a healthy adult but now with the counselling i can re educate myself and make things right.I do worry about my daughter but i know i am doing the best with regards to her eatting she has porridge in the moring with bowl of berries and a small glass of water or milk for her lunch she has seeded brown bread with cream cheese carrot sticks pumkins seeds and a box of rasins again she has water because thats what she likes then her dinner is spag bowl she has always had a bowl of fresh berries with yougurt on top after her dinner if she has any think inbetween its from the fruit bowl or the snack boxes i have made up in the fridge don't get me wrong she has chocolate and crips but in very controlled moderation.At my daughters birthday my friend attended with her daughter i was shocked when i see her littel girl her face was swallowed up by fat shes only 3 years old and she's like a tank i glanced over to see my friend feeding her the left overs of the two brothers plates and even putting a cup full of coke up to her mouth i was shocked and horrified that that little girl had comsumed her own food and half of that of her brothers all feed to her by her mum. There is just some things i wont give my daughter and that is coke are sugary breakfasts i am lucky with her eatting and what she likes to drink but thats only because of mine and her fathers efforts.I really think the goverment should spend money on educating parents what to and how to feed there kids because some people just dont have a clue if some think like that was put in place maybe the future would be brighter for a lot of kids.lots of parents on low incomes blame it on that saying healthy food is expensive it's all excuses there just lazy what it boils down to is it's easyer to stick every think in the fryer than prepear a healthy meal.

x x x Sam x x x
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
TI - don;t get me started on the family unit issue! ;) That is one I feel extremely passionate about....as mentioned on my thread the other day about woemn having babies "just cause".

I see the family unit dissappearing everywhere I look.

I can;t imagine what my life would have been like without two parents. Iw as so lucky. But now - kids again with no choice - are being born and passed off to others to look after them,etc. What hope do they have of understanding the value of a family.

Makes me very VERY sad that issue does.

If only in a perfect world.....sadly, I don;t see it turning around. <sigh>
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What a vile article! Her opinions seem spurious and hate filled and fairly ill informed. Heaven forbid she ever finds herself on the bread line or gaining weight due to depression or any other reason.
I'm morbidly obese and doing something about it - always at my own cost - and btw if I get NHS help I paid for it since I have been in gainful employment and paying tax since I was 16. Oh and my kids are both ideal weights and very active and well fed as I make home cooked healthy meals every single day as well as working 2 jobs.
It makes me sick that such a pile of judgemental twaddle can be considered news worthy.
I'll put my soap box away now ;)


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I only read about half the article cos it bored me to tears almost. For some reason the title I go to fat central etc made me think that she was gonna don a 'fatsuit' and go about for a day or two and see what's it's like to be publicly humilated. I suppose 'fattism' is still acceptable cos it's seen as something a person should have control over, after all in racism a person has no choice over their colour or race, a gay/lesbian has no choice over their sexuality but society has deemed that if we cannot match up to it's physical ideal of 'beauty' then we will have to pay the price.

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