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The diary of a lazy writer with newly acquired workout DVDs


Shoot to thrill
Hi guys.

I'm doing this as not to clog up my fashion/style blog with daily updates. My usual blog readers might not care as much as you do. So please give me a nudge if it seems my motivation it waning. I give myself until the end off the week.

I suppose the best place to start would be with a weight update.

Weight: 213lbs

My goal is to be in the 14s by Christmas. It's so possible I just need to get off my arse.

Yesterday I started the Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred after hearing loads of you saying how good it was. I also have a Yogalates for weight loss DVD for the days when I can't face Jillian or fancy an extra workout.

The workout wasn't the most difficult thing I've ever done but I couldn't complete some of the circuits and I didn't have any weights. But I can certainly feel it this morning. My abs, chest, thighs and shoulders all have this glorious ache.

I'm feeling good but very tired. I'm going to fit in day two tonight in between computer games and catching up on season three of Merlin.

Will introduce tins of tomatoes into my workout tonight. I should ask for real weights for Christmas...
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Shoot to thrill
I certainly did work out with tomatoes!

I ended up doing the workout three days on the trot then feeling so awful that I could barely move. I've rested up over the weekend and I've been eating well. I managed to get a few walks in over the weekend as part of shopping and seeing family.

Tonight I'm back on the Jillian Michael's wagon. I can lose four lbs in just over a week, right?

I might try and cut out carbs too. No doubt that's my biggest downfall.


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Yes you certainly can lose 4lbs in a week. Everytime you are feeling lazy when you know you have to workout, just think about how much happier you'll be when you see the scale say you lost more weight. You can do this, don't give up!


Shoot to thrill
Thank you!

I worked out last night. I actually feeling surprisingly good today considering how I've felt the times I've done the workout previously. Either I didn't push myself hard enough, it's getting easier or a shower afterwards really helped the aches and pains.

I'm going to measure myself tomorrow morning and see how that's changed over the past week. Alas, I haven't lost any weight. In fact I weighed myself last night and the scale had the cheek of telling my I'd put on 8lbs.

Luckily it must've been a hallucination because this morning there's no change from my previous weight.

Eating seems to be my issue. Boyfriend keeps buying mince pies. Lamb curry for dinner tonight. But that's no different to how I normally eat, really.

Does it work like this - a diet that is maintaining my current weight + exercise = weight loss?

I need to start eating better. Hard to do in winter when all I want is roast potatoes, chocolate and curry...


Shoot to thrill
Right, measurements time. Below are my measurements and weight from December 10th. All in inches except my weight.

WEIGHT: 215.25lbs
BUST: 41
HIPS: 39
CALF: 17
NECK: 14

And below is the measurements from this morning. In brackets is the change.

WEIGHT: 213.5 lbs (- 1.75lbs)
BUST: 41
HIPS: 38.5 (-0.5)
CHEST: 35 (-1)
CALF: 17
BICEP: 13.5 (-1.5)
NECK: 14

The weight loss is good but considering the first weight was after I'd put some on it's not an amazing loss. But weight off my hips, chest and bicep is good.

I didn't work out yesterday. I felt miserable, tired and so apathetic. I wanted to write but couldn't. I ended up having a nap by candle light and then watched telly with my slightly grumpy boyfriend.


Shoot to thrill
Well I didn't lose those 4lbs. I really need to start dieting properly, cutting out crisps, chocolate and junk isn't enough.

I've just got back from holiday in Scotland. Over Christmas I put on 2lbs, that's fine, it's expected.

While in Scotland I did a fair amount of walking but in no way did it make up for all the eating and drinking I did. I'm going to do a weigh in and take some measurements tomorrow so I can see the full extent of my failings.

But my New Year's resolutions are to lose a stone this year. Over 2010 I only lost about 5lbs. Lame.

I'm going to do more workout videos and lots more walking/hiking.

I'm cutting alcohol out of my life for at least the rest of January.

I'm going to read/write more

I'm going to eat healthily. No excuses.


Shoot to thrill
Finally under 15 stone!

I'm so proud of myself. Really chuffed, when I saw that 14 on the scales I almost cried.

I've done a bit of hiking and exercising over the last week but nothing major. But I've been eating breakfast every morning - Weetabix with milk and raisins - and all I've drunk since Jan 5th is one glass of whiskey.

As for reading and writing, I've been doing loads. One and a half books read and I'm on the last scene of my novel!

Healthy eating has been going well, boyfriend and I have been cooking loads of stuff from scratch. Clearly it is working.

I'm going to a wedding in June. I need a good goal for then. Somewhere between half a stone and one stone.



Shoot to thrill
I'm back and on the bloody war path. Since my last posts here I've put on a load of weight. I umm'd and ahh'd about joining a gym and never did.

Then a friend introduced me to a personal trainer. I had my first session last week and another tomorrow. Since then I've exercised every day this week, either walking or running and next week I'm going to play badminton!

I feel like this is the start of the home straight. With someone pushing me on I think I can do this but I need support from you lot too!

Doing weight in kg from now on as that is how we are measuring it with the PT so if any of my lbs numbers seem out, that's why. All this converting leaves me rather confused.

In other news, I finished the first draft of my post-apocalyptic novel. There's so much I need to do to it so it's on hold now while I attempt novel the second.
Hi Jettica, thought I'd post as I'm a writer too! I write lyrics for my band and short stories and I'm doing a Creative Writing degree. I've also tried to diet before and just recently started again. Good luck, I'm sure you'll lose the weight for good this time x


Shoot to thrill
Hi! Always nice to meet fellow writers. Thanks for stopping by. What's the degree like? I've always been tempted to try a course like that but with my work patterns it's never been practical. I'm also rather shy of critique, although I am getting better!
It's good, it feels great to have that motivation to regularly work hard on pieces of writing and to get detailed feedback from professional writers. This year I'm doing modules in Short Story Writing, Screenwriting and Playwriting but there are other options such as Poetry writing. It's mostly small workshops in a relaxed environment where people share their writing with other students and discuss literature. At first I was daunted by the prospect of critique but it is such an invaluable tool to my work I actually appreciate it. If I feel a comment isn't constructive I simply ignore it.


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It seems there are a few writers on here then, I'm doing an English and Creative Writing degree too.
Criticism is a little daunting at first, but it's always constructive and it's a really good feeling when you jiggle something about a bit and you realise that it's better than it was before.

How are you finding the PT? I'd be too scared to do that! Expose my unfitness to a stranger, you're a brave lady!
How's the eating going? It's tough when there are people around thinking that they're being kind by giving you something tasty, when really you want to smack them upside the head for essentially attacking you with calories ;)

Best wishes.


Shoot to thrill
My PT is lovely. He makes me feel relaxed and is a great motivation. I just have a little laugh about how unfit I am. There's no judgement or anything other than 'let's get you fit'.

Also when you are unfit, there's so much room for improvement so you get praise when you are able to do two push ups more than normal! I get little texts during the week from the PT saying 'well done on that run yesterday, faster than the day before.' 'How was badminton?' etc.

Definitely worth the fortune I have to pay.


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Aww he sounds perfect. I like that he texts you in the week, that must keep you motivated :)
How's it all going?


Shoot to thrill
I hurt myself last week at the PT so we didn't go for a run just did loads of weights and some rowing.

I've added badminton into my exercise regime. I've found that running is starting to hurt my calves quite a lot so I'm cutting down a bit. I've only run once this week and I feel so guilty. Hopefully I'll be able to fit a run in tonight before I go out for a meal.

I haven't lost any weight but I measured myself this morning and I think I've lost 3inches off my waist and hips compared to the measurements the PT too when I first started there three weeks ago.

I also measured my thighs this morning (in jeans) compared to my previous measurement on here (when I was at my lightest), I'm an inch skinnier! And I think those previous measurements were all done nude!

Feeling better about the fact that I haven't lost any weight this week and that my calves/ankles/knees hurt!
Well done on losing those inches, you should be very proud! That'd be great if you could do badminton. I'd love to do tennis or squash but it's finding a partner.

Last year for about 6 months I went running three times a week. It just got boring for me in the end and I felt like I'd contracted myself into doing it 3 times a week so would feel incredibly guilty if I missed a session. I think doing something fun like a sport or dancing is a much better exercise for the long term if you get bored easily like me!


Shoot to thrill
I much prefer playing badminton to running. And running is starting to hurt my joints too much so I think I need to cut down on it until I've strengthened/stretched some muscles and lost a bit of weight.

Even my 10.5st boyfriend was knackered after badminton on Wednesday! We had such a laugh. We are going to try and go two times a week. It's such good exercise!

PT session tonight. Can't be arsed. I want to go to bed.


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hey hey! Inches are waaay better than lbs! Those are the things that you can actually see!
I'm with you on the jogging thing, it's a killer on the joints! They say walking at a moderate pace on incline is supposed to be just as good though.
Ooo badminton! That sounds like good fun! Deffo a good idea to make exercise fun!
Best wishes.


Shoot to thrill
Well it's a good job I jog down hill and walk up hill then!

Feeling a little disheartened this week. (Look at Feeling Stylish in my sig). I just don't feel like I'm getting anywhere. I need to eat better but having to accommodate a boyfriend food-wise it's difficult. Especially when he can eat whatever the hell he likes.

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