The Diet Plate


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Has anyone heard of this?

I was browsing one of Mum's magazines and saw an ad for The Diet Plate.

Looked interesting, so went on their website. Thought I'd get one until I read their blurb and saw the slating of VLCDs!

Didn't read anymore, and am now in a quandary.

Have to say I think the principle is good, just not the presentation.

What do you think?
I have come across this before.

I think it is a little gimmicky, but if it helps to educate then that's not a bad thing.

I think the price is a bit ripe. Seventeen quid plus vat and shipping for one plate. I'd want a bloody good meal thrown in as well for that price :)

The price is a little bit exploitative. No other everyday use printed plate costs that does it - probably costs a couple of quid, if that, to manufacture.
Hi Mandana,i have seen this diet plate be it has been round many years now and different companies are just bringing out their versions.

What right do they have to slate off any diet. !!
I actually read the blurb as advertising that that it compliments the LL or CD refead programmes.

I know the the diet plate is an advertiser in the LL mag.
i rather like the idea of the diet plate....but I'm sure I would pile stuff up to make it fit on the portion bits....hee hee.

You think you could make your own one somehow?? I think we need someone crafty to come along who knows what will write on white plates and will be dishwasher safe...........then you can have your own one for a couple of quid!! :)
I have it and love it when I'm on food. Its amazing how much you eat compared to how much you should eat. I think its fab and will be using it again once I restart on food - I'm going to get the breakfast plate too.
Like mini says this has been around for a long time. The idea is great, but tend to agree with brad, it's way too overpriced for a bit of painting lol

After going through a VLCD maintenance programme we should all have a good idea of portion size, particularly with regard to CD with AAM, 790 etc - must say I'm getting pretty good at judging without the scales now :)

I'd say go for it if you think it will really help - anything that keeps us on track has to be good :D
I can go for a bit longer post now that I have a bit more time.

If I didn't know that the diet plate advertised in the LL mag then I too would have jumped to the conclusion that they were just knocking the VLCD because I have been so used to keep getting this reaction from the world :mad:

I have to say that to me this item seems very overpriced but then if it was the one thing that helped and worked for me then I would be prepared to pay a lot more.

I do feel that given the experience I am having with the LL management programme and the information I have read about the CD weight stabilisation programme that on the whole, I think the majority of those having gone through this would have an idea about what portion sizes would suit them. Mind you I'm not that far along the management road and maybe this is something I might have to consider in future.

I have to admit that I did think about about buying these for my hubby who also has weight problems but for whom the VLCD isn't for him.
You could easily make your own. All good hobby stores sell ceramic/porcelain paint that is dishwasher safe.
Bet it looks better as well.
In order to do this you would need to get things like a deck of cards for portion size of meat fist for portion size of carbs and then the rest for vegetables excepting a 2p which is oil/fat but you have to remember most foods have this anyway or at least added whilst cooking.
I am a little tempted by this but I think I would fill my plate with the correct portions then eat from the pan what wouldn't fit on the plate!

Like when I did Slimming World and was allowed a tablespoon of something - I'd level the tablespoon of with my finger and then lick my finger!:D