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the difference between healthy and unhealthy.

Hi everyone.

This week i started a diet which i thought would be quite healthy and which was quite neccessary.

a little about me and the reason for the diet.
I am 22 and have worked in take aways since i was 14 which has meant that for roughly 7 years i have had a very unhealthy diet.
The reason i decided to change the way i eat was simple. IT was that or die by the time im 40.

while i was young, i was always very petite for a guy. Not skinny, just smaller bone structure. when i was 19 i was 70 kg but still had quite a bit of fat. When i started my diet this week i was 90 kg. (14 stone).
The reason form y diet was not my appearance or weight tho. I'm perfectly comfortable with how i look. The thing is tho both my parents and all my grand parents suffer from diabetes. Both my grandparents on my mums side suffer from heart problems, with all the men in my grand dads family dying of heart related problems. I have inherited Heamochromatosis from my father which means i absorb too much iron from my food. this could eventually damage my heart. At 45 he has already had 2 heart attacks and my uncle died of a heart attack at 36 years of age before christmas.

I dont want to die young so i decided to go on this diet. It isnt a diet as such as i dont really restrict how much i eat. Because of all the health problems and my poor diet history i decided that the best way to go would be to try and cut out proccessed foods and anything with addatives or preservatives and added salt sugar. Which wasn't that hard. I try to eat foods that are as close to nature intended as possible.

I eat 3 times a day. each meal i eat until i dont feel hungry anymore, rather than until im full. i then give it 15 mins and will go back to my plate and might have another little bit but not really much.

I dont snack in between but if i feel peckish i have a cup of green tea.This tides me over until my next meal. SO i figure its thirst rather than hunger. I dont spend any time being really hungry which suits as i have no will power.

The problem is tho that since i started this diet which i thought was uber healthy and very sensible as im eating all the right foods, fresh fruit and veg, drinking the rda of water, getting antioxidants from the tea and i dont feel hungry but i'm starting to worry a bit now. I just tried to change my diet to a healthy one but have been looking into diets and calories and stuff and without realising it, i barely take in 600 calories a day.

So heres my problem and i'd really appreciate your help. I'm not going hungry, i love fresh fruit and veg, I really need to sustain my health and lose a bit of weight. I eat enough that i dont feel hungry and i eat 3 times a day. the foods i eat are all good for me and i'm not going to any kind of extremes. I just feel like i've going more natural is the key as i think that its processed foods that made me gain alot of fat.

Should i keep going eating the way i am which to be honest although its very low cal is very healthy.I dont even have cravings. I feel so good since i started this diet. I have loads of energy and i never feel groggy or tired. my sleep patterns have improved and im always in a good mood. But its says online everywhere that a 600 cal diet is unhealthy and that you go into starvation mode.

I really dont know what to do. i have started to lose weight. but im not going hungry at all. I just want to be healthy and this seemed like a good, natural way to do it. I know people have to struggle very hard to maintain a low cal diet and i'm not boasting or anything. I just really need to lose weight and like eating healthy. I'd really appreciate any good advice.

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i think ( and its just my opinion) that healthy eating is definately the way to go in your case but that your calorie intake is way too low. you said yourself that you're doing it for health rather than weight loss and i can understand why, but very low cals for a long period of time could be just as detrimental.
if i were you i'd try and maintain the helthy eating just up you calories a bit
Hi and welcome. How many calories are you having each day? I do know that under a certain number your body goes into a starvation mode.

Perhaps you could google to find out how many is the minimum number you should be on

Irene xx
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Hi and welcome, you should be having at least 1,000 cals a day, you need to add a bit more into your diet.
Hi, You have said that you are eating 600 calories a day which is too low. To be honest I am surprised that you are not suffering with more hunger.

It might be worth posting a food diary just incase you are miscalculating somewhere or to get peoples opinions on what you are eating, then you will recieve suggestions as to how to add to your diet.

Good Luck and Take Care xx


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Hi welcome to the forum. You are definately having way too few calories and that will be detrimental to your health. Find out your BMR, you will find a calculator online and that will give you an indication of how many calories you should be having x

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