The dreaded three days?


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Hi all,
I'm on day 1 of CD and feeling very optimistic. I've been reading a few different threads on here where people mention the first three days being the biggest challenge, can anyone elaborate on this for me, what should I expect? So far I feel ok, just a bit tired but that could be to do with the 6am start thanks to my 8 month old!
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Doing it for keeps now!!
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I'm starting back on CD1 today too after about a year or so's break!

I can tell you the first three days are the hardest as your body and mind are not used to dealing with no cream buns being shoved in! (well in my case anything!!)

So firstly you will feel the urge to eat, which is normal, your body is used to carbs and when it doesn't get any it sends signals to your brain screaming eat!

It can take about 3 days for your body to stop using all the carbs left in your body and to start eating your own fat (ketosis). After this time, because your body is using itself as energy it no longer needs to send signals to your brain telling your to eat.

That's why it's hard to crack the first three days (I know I am already wavering!) but once you do it makes all the difference!!


S: 17st7lb C: 17st7lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks, so far I'm doing ok. Running round after the kids is keeping my mind off eating but once they're in bed tonight I know I'll really have to dig my heels in to stay out of the kitchen! I've saved a shake to have late on so at least I'll have something to fill me up for a bit.
So after the three days does it get more managable?


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Hi Cat, I'm on day 4 and can definitely say that today has been easier than the previous 3 - I had a niggly headache and was a bit dizzy feeling wed and thurs but am feeling absolutely great today and not a bit of hunger.

Good Luck.


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I am now on day five and it has been the easiest yet!! I'm sure there will be difficult days but I do agree the first three are terrible. I cried all night the second day!!! Better now tho!! I find after I put my little one to bed I run a bath and soak and read or come on the forum until hubby has cooked and eaten his food then I'll go have my tea. Porridge tonight!!


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It takes about 3 days for most people to get into 'ketosis'. Ketosis is the chemical state that stops you from feeling hungry on this diet. So for the first 3 days, most people feel hungry. They also might feel tired, as ketosis is the reason you can do with so few calories and not collapse! Also, you may have headaches as your body is 'detoxifying', getting rid of carbs etc. If you drank a lot of fizzy drinks and tea and coffee before the diet you may also have caffine withdrawel. From the 4th or so day, you are in ketosis and feel way better. You'll find that you have bags more energy and are buzzing a bit. I felt like I was going crazy when it first hit, I was so giggley and happy!


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im dreading this too!! started today and im feeling good!! i know this is soon going to wear off!! did you get through it??? AM SCARED!!