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The dreaded visitor

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why oh why did my monthly have to appear 1, a week early, 2, on a monday and 3, when I'm already feeling bloated due to not being regular? :mad:

This is the first one since starting SW and now I'm dreading that I wont get the 2.5lbs I so desperately want (half stone mark in 3 weeks???) so today is going to be a red day again :cry:to help with the bloatedness but will be eating lots of fruit and veg esp brocolli (always crave it at that time of the month) to help as well.

Any more tips? Do they also take this into consideration at weigh in as well?:eek:
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Drink plenty of water Hun...I know that sounds strange when you are bloated, but trust me it helps!
I have noticed that since I have dropped quite a lot of weight my af comes a week earlier too. Dont worry, whatever the scales say this week, you can be rest assured of a good loss next week.
I have PCOS and can be regular for months and then all of a sudden it changes and normally I get caught out but at least I was at home and always have a stash. Plus they vary in stengths all the time but oh the pain this morning is so bad I want to go back to bed with my hot water bottle but got soo much to do this week.
Hun....if I as you, unless the things that you have to do are life threatening to either yourself, your loved ones or any one else..things will still be standing at the end of the day!!!
If you are able to, even if it is a lie down on the sofa with a hot water bottle I would do it.
You are only going to get worse if you struggle on. I have a friend that suffers with PCOS and she has to have at least one day for herself.

I'm having a me morning and will see how I feel later on after a nice soak in the bath with luxury bubbles and some pain killers I may then be able to face the world again. Just not sure if I'm going to get cravings for naughty food as normally crave puddings and crisps but I will TRY my hardest to be good as I'm only letting myself down if I don't xx
Bananas, pasta and potatoes Hun...have a couple of green days when af has arrived, just not before your weigh in day!
I will try and remember this for next time as WI is tomorrow so will not eat too many carbs today. I will get OH to get me some bananas and perhaps a muller light with chocolate as thats far healthier than a big chocolate sponge and ice cream

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