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The dreaded plateau??

Morning all,

Just a bit of background info first :)

I've been in Slimming World for a year now, and have lost just over 4 stone (after losing 9.5 stone on my own).
It was going well, up until hitting that 4 stone loss mark (I weigh 17 stone at this mark).

Now, for some reason, I am struggling. I haven't been able to lose 3 weeks in a row since September. It seems like I'll lose 2 weeks, then gain the third, or lose 1 week, gain week after, despite being 100% on plan.

I am getting a bit beside myself now, as this past week I have had a brilliant week, food-wise, and I thought I was nailed on for a loss, only to get a 0.5lb gain (after losing 4lb over the last 2 weeks). Frustrating isn't the word!

I could probably do with introducing a touch more speed somewhere (even though I do eat enough, imo), but this gain was particularly frustrating, as I feel I ate better this week than last, and last week I lost 2.5lb??

Is there anybody else experiencing this? especially men?

I'd say I was about 2 stone away from my target, and it just seems as though I'm forever going to hover around the 17 stone mark, which isn't what I want.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

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Yep....it's happening to me too
I have lost over 5 stone and the last few weeks it seems nothing wants to budge!
It has been suggested to me to look at my total weight loss over a month or so as opposed to weekly but I'm someone that needs to see the losses each week to stay motivated for the next.

I have been in this rut before though and found I just kept at it and it started to drop off again. SP days definitely helped get things going again so maybe you could try having some of those?

Just wanted to say that you're not the only one going through this.....sorry I haven't more suggestions
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Hiya - congratulations on your incredible loss so far, you're doing amazingly :0clapper:

So my question would be - do you do much exercise?

Honestly I know with Slimming World the focus is more on your diet (which is fair, it is definitely the key to weight loss) and it seems that not many people really care too much about the body magic awards (apart from me haha, I'm sticker mad) but it is SO helpful in a plateau stage. Even increasing how much exercise you do by half an hour a week can produce a big boost in your losses.

As you've said already upping your speed could work, and reducing the amount of starchier free foods (potatoes, rice, pasta, root veg) and maybe trying SP (50% of your plate speed, 50% protein, 1HexA and 2 HexBs) for a while would give you the re-kickstart you need.

But even if the irritating plateau lasts longer than you'd like that doesn't take away from the fact that you've lost a crazy amount. You've got this! You clearly know how to produce great results and stick to plan, it's just having the determination to stick to it when the scales aren't showing you what you want right now. I believe in you :winner:

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