The effects of Alcohol on SS

I remember none of the last bit of the night....I shall not post the lovely pictures of my lovely bf went and took photos all though....and videos....lots of me on the floor cause he had to strip me and bundle me in the bath. I just remember the absinth....and that was it until I woke up and had to clean my own sick. lovely....:eek:
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wow youre so brave to post those pics and in truth i need to thank you VERY much

i have floated through the first 9 days of SS but woke up this morning feeling miserable - not ill - just bored, energyless ( is that a word) and grey and dreary.
My chatterbox was saying ' go weigh yourself and if you dropped another 2lbs then tonight you can have a bottle of wine in the bath ' ( ok ok i know if i bathed in wine it would be fine lol but i mean soak in the bath and drink the wine )


coley thank you
you just shut her right up!!!

Hey Guys....sobering isn't it? :rolleyes: yukkity yuk yuk.

Kazz - no more drinking?? :eek: ever? :eek: I'm really not that fussed about drinking anymore but I do like the odd red, the whole lot. But not on SS!

Isobel - where are your shameful piccies then? :p All the ones I've seen of you, you are looking delightful and spritely!!

Slushy - brave? hee hee. 9 days already huh? you're doing good!! I know all too well about the down days and fecken chatterbox tries to get me!! glad you squashed her down, you would have been pissed as a newt at a bottle of wine. Mr Moose was pissed at 3 glasses!! ;)

Must go to lectures....toodle pip!!
Awww :)
Poor you!

*makes mental not do not drink on SS*

Oh but I miss a good ole jd and diet coke!


Thankx for those piccies wee hunni. Made me smile and cringe at the same time lol :p
Kazz - no more drinking?? :eek: ever? :eek: I'm really not that fussed about drinking anymore but I do like the odd red, the whole lot. But not on SS!


Never say never,:) but I was intending giving it up for a while anyways! I dont drink often, but when I do I drink FAR too much...I love vodka malibu and red bull all in one....can you imagine wat my stomach feels like the next day lol...anyway, hopefully when I lose all my weight I wont have the same capacity for drink as I've had in the past !!!
I've been lucky and discovered that I don't need booze at all since being on this diet. I am a terrible drinker - when I get drunk I make an ar*e of myself, spend ages trying to live it down and suffer really badly with hangovers and feeling really depressed after drinking. The barmaids are starting to roll their eyes when they see me approach though as they know it'll be a free soda water!! Of course, doesn't mean I haven't found other, far superior ways to compensate for that relaxing drink at the weekend (I won't elaborate as people won't approve but check my blog out if you're curious haha) ;)
Hey there Debby!! as I say, not as I do!! (or did)...don't drink on SS...muchos bad idea. I still look elegant and ladylike though eh hun? ;) Gotta love the piccies...they are quite funny really. Look!! you'll be so proud of me! I got a signature thingie and a tracker!! how techy am I? You keep at wee star.

Kazz.....ah....mixing. I used to be able to do that you know...never have the same drink twice...and then the wonderful pictures in the Gallery happened and I had no more drinking.:rolleyes: Wish I knew how to put up videos...there is one from that night (again, thank you bf) of me getting out of the taxi to go home and talking rubbish and falling in the close....ah dear. Your poor stick to water with ice and pretend it's a g & t eh?

Jubbly - doesn't sound like the alcohol has the desired effect on you does it? depressed is no good :( boo, we don't like that. The only time I've been depressed (and started crying whilst drunk) was years ago...someone had said I was a spoilt I was crying about that....but then got distracted by something shiney and snapped out of it. Hangovers are no good I hear...I've only really had a funny tummy....never had a sore head in my life (touch wood)

Have been trying to find said blog....tried to visit your homepage but no joy....fancy PM'ing or posting me it? Always like a bit of scandal!!

Oooh very techie!! and pretty! :p Im very proud of you lol
Oh yes but of course you still look so elegant and ladylike! :D lol
Coley, said blog should be accessible on

My life on the Cambridge Diet

though don't know why it doesn't work on my homepage thing as I'm pretty sure it's the same link??

It really doesn't make for v interesting reading though, it's just me going on and on and on about the Cambridge Diet!! :)
Well maybe a "light" drink wouldn't have been so bad, BUT Absinthe !! ouch i have memories of bottles of that stuff for couple of years back.
Jubbly- got your PM. Will go read more later!!!

Prof - it wasn't just the evil green stuff....that I could have handled. It was a pitcher of something first, then a pint, then we went to another bar...and got friendly with the bar man and asked him to make up various conconctions....hello bar man...make us something. give us a surprise. Ended up with things like, red aftershock and vodka, and absinthe with black sambuca. All very sensible things of course...:rolleyes: It was all fine until the evil green stuff......:D:D