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The effects of not enough water...........

OK... I've been on foundation for 7 weeks now, and I've finally thought about monitoring the amount of water I'm drinking.

I knew I was not having enough, because my sticks tend to show up dark when im in ketosis.

However, today I have measured that I have drank about 1 and a bit litres of water.

Now I know this is NOT enough, and I don't want a lecture *please!* but what effects is this going to have? (besides constipation, because I haven't had this since I started... if anything, probably the opposite but thats TMI :eek:)

I think on average over the 7 weeks I've probably drank about 2 litres a day... :cry:its so hard! Why am I struggling!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Claire....not a lecture, but I think it is very important you increase your water as on a VLCD you are not getting as much in your diet as you would eating 'normally'....i think this is right? In any event, lack of water over an extended period of time can have a negative effect on your liver and kidneys, so its quite important to get as much as you can. I would guess to it would be helpful to your gall stone situation as well, keeping the system fully flushed and all.

What are you using for your water? Bottled, or tap? I plan to fill 4 Liter bottles each day, and work on them as best I can....and at some point it will probably mean chugging a lot to get it in. Using a straw might help to - you can drink more and quicker with one.

I imagine it gets easier as it becomes more of a habit.

Good luck, and I am sure there will be better advice then this as I am just starting!
Blonde Logic is right Claire - the water is most important because you are not getting any water through the food you eat.

On the plus side - more water generally means higher weight losses, and as you are keen to get to goal as soon as possible I would suggest making it a priority to get the water down.

I found it easier to set myself challenges through the day - so I try to make sure I have had at least three litres at work - normally one in the morning, and two in the afternoon. I use a 1.5 litre bottle at work which I glug all day and refill once, then I know I am done. I then have 2 litres of sparkling water with flavouring in the evening. Have you tried the flavourings? They really do make sparkling water much more palatable - I quite look forward to it now. In fact with my first meal last night I used a wine glass for my water - and it felt almost like fizzy wine (luckily I have a good imagination!)

Try spacing it out all day litre by litre, and try your best to get four down at least - it makes you feel better, makes your skin fantastic, and I am certain the amount of water I glugged played a key part in keeping my skin relatively sag free despite losing ridiculous amounts of weight!

Good luck - it gets easier once its a habit, and I really miss it now if I don't get enough.

Take care,


Hi Claire

Your kidneys NEED that water! It's not terribly glam or sexy, but it's really important. Without sufficient water, they can't function properly, and your liver will end up taking over some of the function of your kidneys. As you can imagine, this isn't terribly good for you.

But the main upshot of this is that your liver, while it's busy elsewhere, has to slow down the metabolism of fat in order to do the kidneys' job. So by not drinking enough water you are actually slowing down your fat loss.

Remember that when you're eating, your body gets a lot of its required fluid from the foods you eat - it's so important to drink water while you're on a VLCD because your body has no other place to turn for fluid.

(also, because you're in ketosis, the kidneys need water to be able to excrete those ketones - you know what happens if they can't - ketone breath!)

Sorry for the essay ;)
I drink one litre before work, one before 'lunch', one during the afternoon and one during the evening. I always use Volvic 1 litre bottles (I refill them - tap water tastes just fine) and then pour the water into a glass and drink with a straw. Often I'll drink an additional litre in the afternoon or evening. I ALWAYS use water flavouring, I'm not overly keen on plain water and I think the flavouring takes away the nasty ketosis taste in your mouth.
I also never drink cold water (unless I have no choice) - always room temperature or preferably hot/warm. I think this makes it MUCH easier to drink.
Try some of these things and you might find it a bit easier :eek:)

MM x
hi all, thanks for ur replies... I am going to do 4 litres today, whether it kills me or not... I've made it slightly more difficult for myself because I've just woken up (oh dear) but I will do it :)

I think you are all 100% right, its just difficult... and I suppose I haven't thought theres been anything wrong with it because I've been losing weight reasonably rapidly for the past 7 weeks despite what I'm drinking.

fizzy water with a flavour can convince you it's something nice.

If you find it tough I think Missy's advice about ensuring you drink a litre by a specific time is a great idea.

I just always have my water bottle with me and drink it all the time, and ice cold. Just a new healthy habit I have I guess!
I keep experimenting. Never was much of a water drinker before this lark - more of a wine drinker, lol!:party0036:

I find large amounts of cold water make me (even) colder, so just had 2l hot with flavours. I can really chug that!

Btw you are a lucky devil not to get constipation with so little water! It's a constant battle with me... but LLC had some good suggestions, fortunately, which didn't involve another 2 litres! :eek:

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