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The end is nigh!


Back to reality!
Hi guys,
I was just wondering if anyone else is feeling the same as me!?
I have only got another 7 lbs to lose so realistically about 2/3 weeks left before my BMI is 24.9. I'm really chuffed in a way although I didn't have a massive amount to lose in the first place.
But basically I'm finding it really hard to keep motivated! I don't know if it is because my brain knows I don't have long left or what?! I'm starting to think about food lots again and I don't like it!
I have started to do a menu plan for when I finish so I don't know if all this thinking about food is helping! I'm not saying I'm going to cheat etc - I've managed 6 weeks without it, I just feel different about the diet now. I'm not so excited and enthusiastic as before.
I'm trying to exercise a lot which is keeping my busy as well as shifting a few lbs!
Anyone I hope everyone is having a good bank holiday!
T x
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It must be exciting to know you will be able to start to eat soon.......Im not surprised you are thinking about food if you are planning menus.....can you not leave that for nearer the time...?
Well done for the weight lost so far......keep up the great work xx
I've been feeling exactly the same. I'm not really looking forward to eating again after all this time, but I'm fed up with Lipotrim also!

Clair x
Hi tigerlilli

Well done to you. You are so near the finish. i agree you should stop planning menus yet as it will make the final weeks drag. Keep telling yourself you have another 6 weeks to go!!

Are you nervous about eating again? I am nowhere near the finish(unfortunately) but I have to say when I think about eating again, I am just terrified that even if I am sensible I will pile all the weight back on again.

Stick with us and go for it for the next few weeks.

Congrats you have done brilliantly


Here we go again!
Hi Tigerlill. I felt exactly the same as you when I was on LT last year. I stuck to it for about 20 weeks and the last 2 were pretty hard. I think you're right to be planning your menus now though, once you get it straight in your head it will be easier to stick to once you are eating again. I always think planning ahead is good.

Just stick with LT for 2 more weeks and then all your hard work will have paid off. You have done brilliantly up to now so 2 weeks is nothing for you to get through. Good luck and I look forward to reading your refeeding menus over in the refeeding section.
Yeah my last few weeks on CD were tough, but that was because I was graduating...so it was all a life-changing thing anyway. Plus, my hair started to fall out lol.

Keep going, that last 7lbs will fly off! Keep in touch on here though, I think that is a key thing. Make your refeeding diary on here, because there are some wonderful girls on the refeed section with great ideas and support.


Back to reality!
Thanks guys for all your kind replies- Hubby has taken my laptop away so sorry haven't replied before!
I am nervous about eating again- silly isn't it! I have learnt a lot while doing this plus picking up an exercise addiction along the way so I am hoping I will be ok. I was given the choice this week to stop by my pharmacist as my BMi is now 25.6 but I was a good girl and I'm going to carry on for another week!
As for the menu's I am a complete control freak so need to plan! Plus my hubby is going to Pakistan for a month the week after I stop and I know I am going to be a wreck so I need something to keep me motivated.
Will definitely do a refeed diary. I think having to write down what I eat will make me think twice about things!
Thanks for all your support!
T x

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