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  1. Jillian

    Jillian Full Member

    Hey everyone I think its time to give up on LT I broke the diet weds :break_diet: I will continue TFR until sat then welll will have to see how I do. I really really wanted to succeed on this diet.last year it was a walk in the park this time I just cant seem to do it:cry:. so fed up.I was hoping to get into size 16 clothes that I had last christmas after losing 3 stone.really dont know what to do. If I stop the diet I feel not only have I failed but out of control. I feel as long as i am on the diet I have some control. Confused
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  3. Medea

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    Maybe you should try the maintenance version of LT. I am currently doing re-feed and I know that you can continue to lose weight whilst on maintenance.

    However, you really need to think about what is causing you to break the diet. I really think you need to be in the right frame of mind to start with before embarking on a diet of this nature. I have heard that trying to do this the second time round is much harder. If you are thinking "I want to eat, but I'm not allowed" this is very destructive to your ultimate goal, as we all want what we can't have. Once you have that in your head- that's went we ultimately fail. It's time to think that you CAN do it and that you WANT to do it- so that once you have reached your goal- you will be able to eat normally/sensibly in the future.

    Good luck and don't forget to come on here for all the support that you need xxx
  4. Less Rotund One

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    Jillian, you sound really down. This weight loss thing gets too serious by far!!

    I am on W8 and because you can have some "normal" food (I guess like LT re-feed) then it doesn't seem too hard to stick with.

    The ultimate question - and we all need to be really honest with ourselves - is "Do I really want to lose weight for ME" - if you are doing it because you SHOULD or someone else wants you are not going to make it happen on a vlcd because you really need to want it. (you will know that having done it before I guess)

    Maybe trying a different VLCD - W8, CD, Lighter life etc might be just the change you need to get you going again.

    Good luck - and if you choose not to lose your weight, then just be happy being you!

    LRO xx
  5. Jillian

    Jillian Full Member

    Cheers for your comments. thinking of what your saying yes sometimes I thinking I can't have food and want it more other times (when I'm good) I focus and try not to think of been on the diet and occupy myself.Part of me is thinking wait and see how I do sat if I lose at least five pounds I should be motavated to continue or should I go on maintenance I'd love to have some food. but weight loss is very slow.
  6. Jillian

    Jillian Full Member

    Cheers for your comments, ya pretty down and fed up at the moment. I know I desperately want to do this diet but not sure if I'm strong enough ???
  7. Medea

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    Lipotrim Madness..... compliments my personality! : )
    I think it can be hard to get your head around a diet like this as the most natural thing in the world is to eat. Not eating seems to be the thing that most people don't understand when they ask you about it. I was one of those people. "You don't eat anything at all? Really? How can you cope? It sounds so harsh" That was me speaking to Miss Brite about 3 days before I started!

    You will come to the right decision for you. Again, this is all about me, me, me- something that is a frame of mind that most of us can't understand. You do become very focused on you during this diet- everything depends on yourself. Think about what you want, and I mean really want- is it to fit into your size 16s, or is the thought of having a proper meal more important. If what I am saying sounds harsh- I apologise as I guess you can never type up exactly how you would say it in person. Think about your priorities and hopefully this will lead you to what you truly desire xxx I hope your WI is good- but look over my losses in that past 4 weeks. I had really low losses for 3 weeks and it was upsetting- but I wasn't going to admit defeat- and that's how I thought of it. I had come so far and I wasn't go to allow myself to fail. Positive mental attitude and determination goes a long, long way :D

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  8. andhow

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    i agree with Medea - if you can remember why you want to lose weight and think of it as something you're doing for yourself - I'm certainly not doing it for anyone else and if I cheat, it's down to me - then this diet is do-able. I find it easier than other diets where you can eat, because you can't have anything, so anything you do have is going to work against the diet. With WW or SW, I have thought, can I have this? I'm sure I can - and then wonder why I put weight on. I've lost a stone and a half in eight weeks - and even if I only lose 2lb a week until Christmas, I'll still be lighter than I was when I started. Even a 2lb loss is fantastic and when I get a 5lb loss, I'm elated. It's all coming off!!

    I hope you find something that suits you Jillian - whether it's LT or something else. This isn't meant to be a miserable process - and it isn't for the rest of your life, but if you lose the weight, being slim is! x x x x
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  9. BlackRose

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    Medea has everything spot on. In fact even I'm nearly crying with the truth of her words and I've just had a good WI!! Probably because I've been feeling like i'm forcing myself the last few days. reading this thread has just breathed new life into my determination and vigour.

    Jillian -we all go through dips in our motivation and determination. You do know what you want, and ultimately it is not a plate of chips. Take until saturday to mull over things and think with your head and your heart...not your stomach as this diet can make ppl do!

    I wish you all the very best -do stay on the forum to keep us informed of how you're doing no matter what you decide eh?

    GOOD LUCK! oxo
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